Marcinelle, Mattarella: “Maintain firm protection of all workers”

The President of the Republic: “No to marginalization”. Meloni: “Italy paid the highest price, forever marked national and European history”

It is more necessary than ever to maintain the protection of workers. Of all workers, wherever they are, whatever their nationality, to prevent and remedy unacceptable forms of marginalisation”. It is the warning from the head of state, Sergio Mattarellain a message sent on the occasion of the 67th anniversary of the Marcinelle tragedy and the 22nd National Day of Italian Labor Sacrifice in the world.

“The double anniversary of the Marcinelle mining disaster and of the ‘National Day of the Sacrifice of Italian Labor in the World’ allows us to remember with gratitude the sacrifice of the 136 Italian miners who lost their lives at the Bois du Cazier and of all our compatriots fallen at work abroad – he underlined – With their work they have contributed to promoting the highest social and cultural values ​​that animate the Republican Constitution and the Common European Home itself, starting with the right to work”.

Then Mattarella thanked the Belgian royals for their presence today in Marcinelle: “I extend a warm greeting to Her Majesty Queen Paola, to the members of the Royal Family and to the Belgian and Italian authorities gathered in such a highly symbolic place for our countries “.


“The catastrophe of the Bois du Cazier mine in Marcinelle on August 8, 1956 has forever marked the national and European history. THERETalia paid the highest price for that tragedy. In fact, of the 262 miners who were victims of the disaster, 136 were our compatriots. They had decided, with suffering and pain, to abandon their homeland to emigrate to Belgium. They worked hard, with humility and dedication, without guarantees, in terrible and now unimaginable conditions. They lost their lives in the darkness of the mine, but their light has not gone out and shines in the memory and gratitude bestowed upon them by the national community,” wrote Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

“Sons of Italy – he underlined – to whom the Republic pays homage today, celebrating the Day of the Italian work sacrifice in the world. An anniversary established in 2001 by the unforgettable Minister Tremaglia – with whom I had the honor of being together with Marcinelle – to remember and honor the Italian workers who fell on every continent and the economic, social and cultural contribution of their works to the progress of the nations that welcomed them”.

“Marcinelle – concludes Meloni – has become a symbol, a piece of that great mosaic which is the history of Italian emigration, a succession of enormous sacrifices but also of extraordinary successes and objectives achieved. Today we also pay tribute to all this and rediscover the bond that binds us to Italians abroad, ambassadors of Italy in the world with the Tricolor in the heart”.


The more than 100 Italians who died in the Marcinelle mine “are heroes of work, they are our best representatives, they are those who have allowed our country to become the second economic power of the EU, who have allowed Italy’s economic growth and if today we are in the G7 we owe it to them too”, Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani told Radio Anch’io, who was present at the ceremony in Marcinelle. During the event there will also be a flyby of two Air Force Tornadoes that will pay homage to the victims.

“This tragedy is a warning, but also a positive symbol of the sacrifice of many Italians who have allowed Italy to grow economically and to solve problems that seemed insurmountable,” added Tajani.