Marco Antonio Solís: he knows what sign his wife is and what her personality is like

The singer Marco Antonio Solis The 62-year-old is one of the artists who knew how to cross the borders of his country and today has international recognition. Parallel to his career, Buki also formed his family and currently enjoys life with his wife, the 50-year-old Cuban model Cristy Solis.

Christy Solis She has become a reference in social networks for her talent, beauty and good taste in fashion. From her instagram profile where she accumulates almost 300 thousand followers from all latitudes, the blonde sets trends and also shares some of the intimacies of her family formed by her daughters with the singer called Alison and Marla.

Christy Solis She always surprises with her looks, poses, and beauty tips and on more than one occasion she is shown wearing high heels, something that stylizes her figure and that she also needs to look taller because her real height is 1.65 meters, something average in Latin women.

Christy Solis. Source: instagram @cristy_solis

Last February 24 Christy Solis her birthday and she celebrated it in style with her love, Marco Antonio Solis and her two daughters at ‘Mansión Solís’, the luxury hotel that the family has in the Morelia area, in Mexico and that she also manages. The model is of the pisces sign in the zodiac

Marco Antonio and Cristy Solis. Source: instagram @cristy_solis

According to what the horoscope says, Pisces women are “romantic, spiritual, emotional and extremely dreamy. They never stop dreaming and trust to achieve their goals, however far they may seem, which leads them, in most cases. to victory”. Christy Solis It is a clear example that he has achieved everything he has set out to do and that he leads a successful life.