Marco Antonio Solís’ wife demonstrates how to wear a cowboy after 50

Marco Antonio Solis he toured Europe and now visits Central, South America and the Caribbean. “The start of the #QuéGanasDeVerte #WorldTour2022 tour in Central and South America has had an extraordinary start. The rhythm, the flavor, but above all the great love that I could feel in those two magical nights in the #DominicanRepublic were fuel for all the concerts that follow in these weeks, ”wrote the Mexican singer in his last post.

And he announced that he is preparing for what follows: “Little brothers from #CostaRica see you next October 8 for an unprecedented concert!!!!”. Mark Antony He will be in Argentina on the 21st, then in Uruguay on the 22nd and will visit Chile on the 27th and 28th of October. The 27th is already sold out and only this last date is available. There are only $23,000 tickets left for the Partial High Platea View and $40,250 for the Partial Low Platea View.

As he demonstrates in each of his songs, Mark Antony He is a born romantic. “Wanting to be with someone and that person wants to be with you. That is absolute happiness and we all have the right to it ”he wrote a few hours ago on his official Twitter account. In another message he added: “If very likely your parents, neighbors and even the police already know… don’t be embarrassed and go and confess your love to that special little person! Life is too short to walk with regrets, take a risk and very possibly win! Enjoy the moment and #VivaElAmor”.

Christy Solis. Source: Instagram @cristy_solis

Let us remember that the Mexican regional singer has been married for many years to the Cuban model Cristian Salas, better known as Christy Solis. In the last few hours, Marla and Alison’s mother shared some photos where she is seen wearing black jeans, a nude shirt and Texan boots.

Cristy Solís demonstrates how to wear a jean with style. Source: Instagram @cristy_solis

Also Christy He complemented his look with sunglasses, a belt from a well-known brand and a cowboy hat. “At some point in the day we make someone happy. Sometimes without realizing it and others, very conscientiously ”wrote the businesswoman in her post and received more than 2,300 likes and 100 comments. The driver Maribel Guardia left him a compliment “Bella”.