Marco Bellavia talks to GF Vip about his mental problems: “Anxiety and fear”

Marco Bellavia spoke to GF Vip, confiding in Antonella, about his mental problems “Anxiety and fear”.

Big Brother Vip started on September 19th. A few days have passed but everything has already happened. In the last episode, what happened during the week was addressed. The statements of Sofia Giaele De Donà made a lot of talk. The contestant talked about her marriage revealing that she has established a free love with her husband.

Marco Bellavia, confession (credits: mediaset play)

They only see each other 6 months a year and if it happens that she goes with other people and he does the same, it is not betrayal, because both are aware of these meetings. Words that have found a wall from some competitors. For example, Carolina Marconi reported that in her opinion love is something else. The discussion was also opened during the episode on Marco Bellavia.

The people of twitter in recent days have been unleashed because they have seen an attitude of indifference and impropriety on the part of the competitors towards the actor. Giulia Salemi herself reported what happened on social media. After the episode Marco opened by confiding in Antonella Fiordelisi and talked about her mental problems.

GF Vip, Marco Bellavia talks about his mental problems: the confession after the episode

Marco Bellavia immediately made people talk about himself as soon as he entered the house of the GF Vip. Viewers immediately understood the competitor’s interest in Pamela Prati. A sort of ship was born, the Belprati. It must be said, however, that while some believe it is a real interest, others think that she has shown pleasure towards the showgirl for strategy.

Especially in the home this opinion is in the foreground. The fact is that the competitor these days has often been targeted by others. He confided in his mental problems but almost always found a wall on the other side with lots of jokes condemned on the web. After Thursday’s episode in which the speech was opened, the actor talked about it with Antonella Fiordelisi.

marco bellavia gf vip
GF Vip, confession (credits: mediaset play)

It’s all about anxiety and fear “, he confided, saying that being at home he feels stressed. He confessed to his panic attacks on the subway, explaining that in recent years he has understood that he is empathetic: “I accumulate external sensations and this has destabilized me”. Marco, while speaking, wanted to place an important accent, saying that in addition to physical pain there is also mental pain. He did not hide the fact that he alone he does not know if he will be able to get out but with the help of other people and in this case of his fellow adventurers, he could be better: “Maybe all together you will also help me in an imaginative way to get better. Maybe we also send a nice message“.