Marco Bellocchio da Fiorello: “The Pope’s thinking is more leftist”

The director of ‘Kidnapped’ live on Viva Rai2!: “I wrote to the Pope, I’d like him to see my film”

“I would like Pope Francis to see my film because he is a progressive Pope, very open”. Marco Bellocchio, fresh from the success achieved in Cannes by his latest film ‘Kidnapped’, called live by Fiorello in his morning show ‘Viva Rai2!’, explains the reasons for his appeal to the Pope.

“It’s a film in which the Church in those distant times made a rather risky, not to say violent, choice: to kidnap a child from a Jewish family,” says the director da Fiorello. “I would also like to have a dialogue with the Pope who is so open, he always talks about bridges and not walls, about charity, about loving one’s neighbor, about mercy. He is more progressive than the progressives themselves who turn to him. When we speak of the left, the thought of the Pope is the most left-wing thought”. The film “Kidnapped” tells the true story of Edgardo Mortara, a six-year-old Jewish boy taken away from his family by order of the Vatican Inquisition to make him a Christian.

“I wrote him a very simple letter, – continues Bellocchio – ‘Dear Pope Francis, I would be so pleased if you could see my film’, so far I have not received an answer”. “But you’ll see that he will answer you!”, adds Fiorello, closing a joke “I hope he doesn’t go to Discovery too”.