Marco Del Farra fights the wear and tear that does not make us Similar to Man: the video

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My name is Marco Dal Farra and I am an author and musician, born and raised in the frame of the Belluno Dolomites. On this occasion I have the pleasure to tell you about my new single, released at the end of September, entitled “Like man” which talks about the dimension of modern man; a man who got lost in the frenzy of the days, among a thousand things to do, the stress of days alike, between family and work, where any action is overwhelmed by another. Man, in this evolution, has arrived

unfortunately to get lost completely, becoming a whole and no longer an individual, perhaps even a number among many, stripping off all the values ​​that belonged to him. Everyday life and conforming to “common living” leaves no room for inner reflection, and crushes any attempt to get back on the right track, obscuring his will with respect to his place in the world. He therefore finds himself having to start all over again, from the little things, from “his truths”, placing these pieces close to each other, in order to recognize himself as a true human being in search of his true path, in search of a world to rewrite together. to people.

“Like man” is a song that I care a lot about, and it was made with the collaboration of Fabio Trentini as an artistic producer, and the participation of the video maker Mattia Bello for the production of the video clip, of which I am proud and happy for the result obtained. I enjoyed making the video and I hope you like it! the images tell the message I wanted to communicate: the return to the “right path” through the story of a young man who finds himself in small things, in small gestures, in love! I hope indeed

that we will soon return to a new conception of life, to be in solidarity and empathy with people and with our environment, with nature and the planet that hosts us. Even in our small way “you have to make a difference”! My style ranges between pop and rock songwriting, with lyrics that often address the themes that they concern the uncertainties and conflicts of young people who grew up at the turn of the millennia. The passage

from the analogue to the digital era, the radical change in languages ​​and social dynamics brought about by the overbearing interference of technology in our daily lives has upset us, making us adapt at an “unnatural” speed to this new order.

Through my music, I transmit a message especially addressed to the young people who listen to me. The themes that characterize my songs are therefore oriented towards topics such as social protest, reconnection with nature, feelings and human values, with recognizable texts as a style for hermetic traits, without excessive symbolism.