Marco Giallini: “Rome is now dead, they screwed us”

The leading actor of ‘The Prince of Rome: “A film of redemption, the ending moved me”

“I remember that my father, when I was a boy, used to pass through the streets of Trastevere and the gentlemen, sitting outside on their chairs chatting, got up and said ‘good morning’ and greeted us. Rome is now deadthere is nothing left, there is only the ego, the person who only thinks about putting himself on social media. They screwed us. ”The actor photographed the image of a Rome that no longer exists Marco Giallini that, in an evening meeting reserved for journalists as part of the Rome Film Fest 2022tells the new film in which he is the protagonist, ‘The Prince of Rome‘, directed by director Edoardo Falcone and premiered in the Grand Public section.

The story, set in Rome in 1829, is that of Bartholomew, a rich and greedy man who craves the title more than anything. In an attempt to recover the money necessary to strike a secret agreement with Prince Accoramboni to get his daughter as his wife, he will find himself in the midst of a surprising journey between past, present and future. Guided by exceptional companions, he will have to deal with himself and conquer new awareness. “I dreamed of making a character like this, I was moved, the ending touched me”, says Giallini. “Tiring but beautiful and then – he jokes – there is only one ‘li mortacci tua’ in the whole film”. The actor then underlines the theme of the film: “It is not a social film, a trite theme, it is a film of redemption”.

And the director, Edoardo Falcone, who wrote the story together with Marco Martani, also talks about “existential” films. “The theme is universal – he explains – and not strictly connected to the time. The human being is convinced that he is immortal, but at a certain point he bumps into reality and realizes that it is not so”. And on the Roman spirit, inherent in the film, he points out: “We did not want to make a film of specks. We did not want to smuggle the usual Roman spirit, but to give a little breath to the Roman spirit always and only seen as ‘coattagine'”. The film, therefore explains Falcone, “is an act of love towards the city”. In the cast, among others, also Giulia Bevilacqua, Filippo Timi, Sergio Rubini and Giuseppe Battiston.

And on the many curtains that tell Romanesque traditions in the film, he reveals: “Most of the references are true. The method to get rid of the evil eye really existed.” As the protagonist, none other than Giallini. “I wrote thinking of Marco Giallini, an obligatory choice – says Falcone with conviction – Because he embodies a popular Romanism. And after the third time I work with him, I can say that I’m really a repeat offender. He has characteristics at an actor level, that certain type of bad irony, which mean that at a cinematic level ‘Giallini is Rome’ “.

One last thought, the director reserves it to the crisis of the cinema and to the return to theaters (where ‘The Prince of Rome will be released on November 17 produced by Lucky Red with Rai Cinema in collaboration with Sky Cinema): “We have to fight, try because the cinema it’s something else. This is a popular film for everyone, fun that speaks not only to Rome but to everyone. Most of the actors do not speak Roman, and the themes are universal. see him”.