Marco Masini reveals: “I have artificial hair, I’m Japanese”

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Marco Masini he told himself in an interview with Giovanna Cavalli for Corriere della Sera. The Tuscan singer-songwriter said he had done a thickening of his hair.

marco masini: “they hold up to 80 kg of snatch”

More than thirty years on stage, Marco Masini retraced his personal life and career in the long interview given to Corriere della Sera.

The singer-songwriter spoke about the strong friendship with Carlo Accounts, Leonardo Pieraccioni And George Panariello: “Eating focaccia all’olio leafing through the sports papers with greasy fingers, discussing friendlies in August and the most improbable deals on the transfer market. And I’m the wildest of the group”.

Marco Masini then recounted having undergone a thickening of artificial hair: “I began to lose it as a boy, when I was doing my military service in the Vam, the air force supervisor, because of the tight helmet”.

The singer-songwriter added: “I didn’t have the transplant, but a thickening with artificial hair, they are Japanese, they hold up to 80 kg of tear”.

Marco Masini also spoke of his love for Fiorentina: “Impossible transfers, cold, packed regional trains, four in a single plus drums, because I was head drummer”.