Marco Massa, Dear Milan is a song of memories, emotions and regrets

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It has landed on all digital platforms and in digital download Dear Milanthe new song by the Milanese singer-songwriter Mark Massa. The songwinner in 2011 of Sergio Endrigo Award and today reproposed in a new version rearranged by the master Marco Grasso, it tells through the author’s eyes and voice an old Milan now forgotten, with the aim of reawakening a humanity sacrificed in favor of the frenzied progress of recent years. Between memories, emotions and regrets, Dear Milan speaks of an ever-evolving love, which marks a life.

“I love this song because I wish Milan wasn’t just the city of business, of frenetic urban “real estate” and wild capitalism –says Marco Massa– I would like to recognize it in a place where you can rediscover yourself and your privacy. To make this happen, everyone should focus on their own story by adding a piece of humanity deemed important, enhancing what they may have hidden deep inside themselves for years, no longer afraid to show it”.

In the video clipsdirected by Danilo Da Rodda, the evolution of society sung in the piece is represented by a cathode ray tube televisionpicture from the 50s, which gives way to the screen of a modern computer, symbol of the frenetic progress that characterizes today. There are the background to this metaphor moments of one live sessions, registered at Mister Fantasy of Buccinasco (MI), in which Marco Massa plays with his son Francesco (clarinet) and his band consisting of Manuel Boni (guitars), Matthew Minchillo (keyboards) e Martin Malacrida (battery).