Marco Mengoni in concert in Rome, live at the Circus Maximus on July 15th

After 13 years of career, 7 studio albums, 68 platinum records, over 1.8 billion audio / video streams and 9 live tours

After having triumphed in Sanremo 2023 with the song ‘Due vite’, Marco Mengoni makes an appointment for July 15 for a grand finale. In fact, on that date the singer-songwriter will be the protagonist of a live event scheduled at the Circus Maximus in Rome, a location dedicated to major happenings and ready to welcome Mengoni’s audience for a date that closes his summer concert season.

The date at the Circus Maximus is the celebration of these last two years, which began with the publication of ‘Materia (Terra)’ in December 2021, the first album of the ‘Materia’ recording project, continued with two shows in the stadiums of Milan and Rome last summer and a series of sold out arenas in autumn together with the release of the album ‘Materia (Pelle)’ and the victory of the 73rd Sanremo Festival with the song ‘Due vite’, the first piece of the last chapter of the recording trilogy ( already triple platinum), which is expected to be released by the end of 2023.

After a 13-year career, 7 studio albums, 68 platinum records, over 1.8 billion audio/video streams and 9 live tours, Marco Mengoni is preparing to represent Italy for the second time at the Eurovision Song Contest which will be held in Liverpool on May 13, 2023, to then perform this summer with a tour in the main Italian stadiums of which the dates in Salerno, Bari, Bologna and Milan are already sold out. Marco Mengoni is expected in the cities of Bibione (June 17 – date zero), Padua (June 20), Salerno (June 24), Bari (June 28), Bologna (July 1), Turin (July 5), Milan (July 8 ) and finally in Rome at the Circus Maximus for the grand finale (15 July).

In these hours the success of ‘Due vite’ – certified gold record – (Epic Records Italy / Sony Music Italy) does not stop, which is, in fact, the most broadcast song on the radio and, after debuting in first place all the Italian streaming and download charts and at 49# in the Spotify global chart, remains stable at the top of the top charts of the most downloaded singles in Italy and entered the last weekly YouTube Top Music Videos Global at number 15. Two vite was also decreed by EarOne as the most radio-played song among the songs competing at the Sanremo Festival.

In the week of launch, the song also entered 54 iTunes charts. In first place in Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia and Luxembourg and in the top 10 in Belgium, France, Germany, Romania, Spain and Slovakia. Two Lives is also at the top of the Shazam charts and the most popular Sanremo songs on TikTok. The official video clip of ‘Due vite’ dominated the musical trends on YouTube and reached 20 million views together with the video of the performance on the Ariston stage.

Marco Mengoni during the Sanremo Festival also received the Giancarlo Bigazzi award for the best musical composition, awarded by the Festival orchestra, after having won all the evenings of the event and having also triumphed among the covers with a unique version of ‘Let It Well accompanied by the international choir The Kingdom Choir.

The singer-songwriter was also the artist with the highest number of interactions on social networks during the entire week of the Festival – over 7 million – and with the greatest growth in followers. ‘Two lives’ talks about relationships, focusing on the most intimate relationship, the one with oneself. An invitation to face life honestly, without regrets and without thinking about what we should or would like to be, to accept even mistakes as moments of growth. A very tight story with two levels of reading. a dreamlike tale, full of images and figures linked to the unconscious that mixes with very realistic, autobiographical scenes and details.

This song represents a reflection on the need to face life really enjoying every moment, from those of even apparent boredom to the most heated feelings, because all are part of our existence.

The song written by Mengoni himself with Davide Petrella and Davide Simonetta is a ballad with a non-classical structure, both from an instrumental point of view and from a vocal development and arrangement, this once again curated by Marco himself. A project, that of ‘Materia’, which Marco, in the summer of 2023, will therefore bring live, together with his greatest hits, on the stages of the main Italian stadiums in Bibione, Padua, Salerno, Bari, Bologna, Turin, Milan and finally in Rome at the Circus Maximus for the grand finale.