Marco Mengoni, Mahmood and Ermal Meta cited as the Trinity in a Spanish TV show. VIDEO

During the episode of the Spanish quiz El Cazador aired on October 3 on the channel The 1the photos ordered on the competitor’s station Beatriz they showed to the public four smiling icons of Italian music. Raffaella Carrà, in a sacred robe and with a halo on her head, watched over Ermal Meta, Marco Mengoni and Mahmood. The conductor Rodrigo Vázquez he pointed to the unusual quartet and commented: “I see you are very prepared!”. Beatriz did not hesitate to respond: “It is my Holy Trinity, with Saint Raffaella Carrà”. The host pressed: “And the others are the apostles?”. The competitor answered her curiosity: “The one in the middle is God the father Marco Mengoni, at his side is Mahmood who is sonon the other side there is Ermal Meta who is the Holy Spirit: the Holy Trinity”.


In the adaptation of the British TV quiz show The Chase, four unknown competitors join forces to win a prize pool. Beatriz introduced a new religion into the studio, perhaps capable of assisting the participants in the race to victory: Vásquez defined the cult as “Beatrizism”, but the competitor corrected the host with the term “Eurofanism”, a creed based on the best talents of the Eurovision Song Contest and immediately went viral.