Marco Mengoni really did it: the gesture could not go unnoticed

Marco Mengoni’s unexpected gesture immortalized in a video posted on his TikTok profile: you would never imagine what he did!

Since, thirteen years ago, the public met him during the third edition of X Factor of which he was also the winner, Marco Mengoni has become one of the myths of the current music scene. In addition to a captivating voice, his personality has also conquered crowds of fans for some time.

Marco Mengoni, all speechless (Credits: Instagram)

For him too, as for various other Italian artists, live concerts are resumed: in his current tour he presents a new album entitled Matter, second chapter of the trilogy that will be released tomorrow 7 October. A work that is also the result of collaborations with equally famous colleagues including The Representative of Lista, Madame and Samuele Bersani.

The artist originally from Ronciglione has collected crazy satisfactions and achievements over the years and it was not at all obvious for a young man who in the past has done a job very far from the spotlight. As many know by now, Marco made the bartender in a restaurant in Frascati in Rome, the city where he had come to look for his own path.

Although his life has greatly changed since then, Mengoni has remained a simple person with a heart of gold: the gesture made recently fully demonstrates this.

Marco Mengoni, the gesture drives fans crazy: this is what he did

Born in Ronciglione on Christmas day 1988, Marco is now a true star of Italian music: he was even the first of our compatriots to win the Best European Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards!

Currently busy with his tour, on the evening of 2 October last he wanted to surprise all those who had been waiting outside the Grana Padano Arena & Theater in Mantua for hours to secure the front rows at the concert. Well, dear Marco came out from behind the scenes and do you know what he did? He brought them a stack of cartons with pizzas in them!

The video was filmed and posted on his TikTok profile, immediately joined by dozens of enthusiastic comments for the artist’s affectionate gesture. “You are special. Thank you very much, Marco ”, we read under the images; or “Find another like him” and “Only you could have made such a gesture”. But the former winner of the Sanremo Festival 2013, who that year placed seventh in theEurovision Song Contest with the song The essential, he was not limited to just that. He stayed with them for a few minutes and celebrated the next dates by eating a slice of pizza too.

Marco Mengoni gesture
Marco Mengoni incredible fan (Credits: TikTok)

Congratulations to the talented Marco Mengoni who once again conquers his audience with love and kindness, as well as with immense talent.