Marco Mengoni to the sixty thousand of the Circus Maximus: “Love is free and always will be”

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There’s a desire to celebrate, even if a little melancholy hovers, the one that assails you when you know that something beautiful is coming to an end, and you can’t do anything but accept it, with a little sadness. The sixty thousand who flocked to the Circus Maximus for this last date of the Marco tour in the 2023 stadiums know it very well, but Marco Mengoni knows it too. Which, right in the heart of Rome, chooses to do the last date (for now, then we know that the singer-songwriter always reserves us surprises, who knows what will be next) of a summer full of successes. Which Marco wants to celebrate in the best possible way, because this concert must be a party, indeed an unforgettable party, with moments in which to go wild, others a little more reflective and some more intimate.

An emotional video, the arrival among the people and the first “Thank you”

At 21.15 the lights go out and a video projected on the screens tells of Marco Mengoni’s last years, on his tours, in preparation for the Sanremo Festival, through images never seen before, but which describe the singer-songwriter’s artistic life. With his story, Marco takes us into his world, until a few moments before hearing the notes of Change a man, with which the singer-songwriter officially kicks off his concert. No, Marco is not on stage: he is among the people. He enters among people, among his fans, to thank them and feel closer to them. And “thank you” is one of the words Mengoni pronounces most often during this beautiful celebration: he doesn’t do it out of flattery, no. His way of thanking is disarmingly spontaneous and every time he does it, one perceives all the gratitude he has towards those who are here with him, those who allow him to go on stage every evening, those who take the stage with him . After the first moments of emotion, however, he starts to dance.

“Feel free to be yourself”

“Let’s have fun, it will be a stress-free evening”, says Marco Mengoni before singing the song just mentioned, wearing a pair of white glasses. Then it’s time to I want, Muhammad Ali, Believe me again And I will trust, before making room for tonight’s first guest friend. Drusilla Foer appears on the screens, glittering in a golden dress, greeting and introducing all the musicians on stage, essential for the success of this mega show. And after Drusilla, Marco Mengoni is back and it’s already time for the first wish for this concert.

“I want to wish you much love and joy”

“This is my last concert of the season, and I want to wish you much love and joy”, says Mengoni holding back his emotion. But there is no space (or at least there is an attempt) for tears: we continue to sing. And the first surprise arrives: here is Gazelle, who arrives on stage to sing The least possible. The affection between the two songwriters is felt at first instant and, at the end of their musical dialogue, they make a promise: in Rome we should always sing this song together.

Two clouds

Flavio moves away and then the first notes of Two clouds and a second surprise arrives: Aries. The occasion is perfect, and is best told by the two songwriters: “Now, now… here from the stage of the Circus Maximus, we tell you that a new version of this song has been released, with our two voices”, they say together. And, greeting each other, they thank each other, with Marco adding: “You know Aries, you are here because you are very good!”. After Two clouds the Circus Maximus becomes a single entry with The essential but it literally explodes when Elodie arrives.

Elodie & Marco: wow!

Everyone sings it, absolutely everyone: it is Crazy music, song with Elodie who, beautiful as always, goes down the stairs and starts to go wild. They are friends, they respect and love each other: it is perceived and it is beautiful. But above all it is a truly beautiful moment of this concert, in which Marco shares unforgettable moments with artists and loved ones. As happens with Bresh, when it’s time to sing Ask me how I am. It is a riot of emotions, yes, the spontaneous ones. “But what have you done?” says the singer-songwriter from Bogliasco between amazement and happiness, before embracing Marco. Happiness is only beautiful if shared, they say. And it is also the leitmotiv of this show.

“Maybe all together we can still change things”

“We are a collection of infinite choices to make. We were born to make mistakes, to apologize and say thank you. But maybe, all together, we can still change things ”, Marco says shortly after, before announcing Maestro Samuele Bersani, with whom he sings Once again. A very delicate melody, brought to the stage with an intimate, beautiful, very beautiful performance. “I love you so much”, they say to each other before a few tears fall on Marco’s face.

“I wish you to be happy”

On the notes of Warrior, then, Marco chooses to be embraced by a rainbow flag, wishing everyone to be happy. And never miss an opportunity to show that you love someone. Then a few moments of pause, before the grand finale.

“Love is free and always will be”

“It’s the last date of this summer tour in Italy and I want to remind everyone of one very important thing, before starting the next song: love, prohibition, limitation… these two words don’t exist in love. Love is free and always will be,” says Mengoni before starting Prohibitedwhich they follow But tonight, Ready to run it’s the last one, I’m waiting for you. Then it’s time for greetings and thanks, everyone. “You gave me a gift, I don’t know if I deserved it. But from tomorrow I will have this memory, ”she says. Then a photo with all the staff is projected onto the screen, which Marco remembers at the end of the concert: “It’s an honor for me to work with you. Each of you is essential for the success of each date, thank you “.

“The party, however, is not over. Stay here because we continue to dance”, adds Marco before leaving the stage for a few minutes, to then return… just to let loose to the rhythm of Chloé Caillet.

The ladder

Change a man

Human beings

No stress

I want

Muhammad Ali

Believe me again

I will trust


Protect yourself from me

As little as possible feat. Gazelles

Two Clouds feat. Aries

The essential

Crazy Music feat. Elodies

Two lives

Pride flowers

You know that


Ask Me How I Am feat. Bresh

I loved you

Once again feat. Samuel Bersani



But tonight

Ready to run

I’m waiting for you