Marco Rizzo: “With Alemanno I talk about peace. Schlein? He doesn’t know what work is”

The founder of ‘Sovereign and Popular Democracy’ is a guest at a round table organized by the former mayor of Rome: “Anti-fascism? I can talk about it, that of the Democratic Party is only electoral”

There are those who have christened him the “parterre of the sovereignists”, those who speak of a “red and black alliance” in view of the 2024 European elections. But the round table that will see him alongside Gianni Alemanno on November 26th at the Midas Palace Hotel in Rome , as part of the founding assembly of the Italian independence forum, is only “a moment of discussion”, he assures Adnkronos Marco Rizzoamong the guests – together with Moni Ovadia – of the event organized by the former mayor of Rome.

“Speaking with Alemanno is not a problem for us”, explains the honorary president of the Communist Party. “That of the Democratic Party is a catwalk anti-fascism and I reject it. The Democratic Party – Rizzo insists – voted to equate Nazism and Communism in the European Parliament, therefore its anti-fascism is only electoral. I can certainly talk about anti-fascism. I remember that the fascists, the real ones, came to wait for me under my house when I was young. Twice they took them, the third time luckily I had good legs, otherwise I wouldn’t be here to tell it…”.

Why, being a communist, did you decide to confront Alemanno, a member of the social right, former MSI? “Why can’t I talk to someone like Alemanno, who is against the war? Of course I talk to him. Mainstream journalism needs labels, they only remember us when they have to make the headline”, replies Rizzo, who adds: “Alemanno is holding a congress, a political movement. I, together with Francesco Toscano, founded Sovereign and Popular Democracy, whose congress will take place at the end of January. We risk entering the third world war, do we understand it or not? Today Italy, from Conte to Meloni passing through Draghi, is in fact an American column. We are devoid of any sovereignty. The middle class is falling into proletarianization and employees are betrayed by the unions: with all this, do I have to ask for a pass to discuss with Alemanno? I don’t really care.”

What do you think of Schlein’s Democratic Party? “Elly Schlein embodies the ideal type of Democratic Party politics: she is chic, she has an armochromist, a profession unknown to me until today, and she talks about work without even having the coordinates of what work is. But on the other hand today this left it’s the furthest thing that exists from the world of work. I hope that Schlein will continue to deal with the Democratic Party until she has brought it to political extinction.”