Marco Volino, traveling in the time machine with Return: the video

Where would the time machine take you if you let your memories guide you? This is the question that inspired “Return”, a song that deliberately chooses to touch only some of the strings of the human soul, arousing vibrations that recall echoes of a past time. Writing it led me to experience firsthand a journey through images linked to strong emotions, developing the awareness that recalling a beautiful memory in our mind sometimes helps us solve the problems of the present.

“Return” represents the rediscovery of the eternal bond between father and son united by the love of music. An emotional, at times nostalgic piece where the sound of the piano contrasts with the effects of experimental electronics. It is the story of a composer who we find immersed in his work on the piano. Something has been bothering him for days: an unfinished melody in his head. In the depths of his frustration an astronaut helmet catches his attention. He puts it on and is transported to the past. He relives sweet memories with his father, his greatest supporter, and finds inner peace. At the end of his dream journey, he returns to the present and writes the last notes with a new awareness: the love of music will bind them forever.

For the video I was inspired by famous films such as “Once Upon a Time in America” ​​by Sergio Leone, “The Family” by Ettore Scola, “Nuovo Cinema Paradiso” by Giuseppe Tornatore, “Novecento” by Bernardo Bertolucci. Thanks to the precious collaboration with the directors Guglielmo Lipari and Elio Di Pace we have created a “cinematic” video clip in which the POV (Point Of View) technique becomes central thanks to the introduction of the astronaut helmet which becomes the “visor” through which the protagonist manages to make vivid the images that arise from his childhood memories. In this way the POV technique allows the viewer to completely identify with the main character and experience the emotions of his journey through time and memories through his eyes. The video is a story interpreted by music and the story reaches the viewer thanks to the expressions of the faces, so I chose two expert actors who have worked in Rai for many years: Antonio Speranza and Sabatino Apicella. The song is produced by “Trees Music Studio” of Cava de’ Tirreni (Sa) and is the first single to be released on October 20th on all digital platforms with the record label Sorry Mom!. “Return” will be part of my next album entitled “Revolution”.