Mare Fuori 4, the fourth season is coming: the photo of the script

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New episodes of the series are coming Sea Out with a fourth season officially announced by director Ivan Silvestrini on social media. In fact, the latter shared a photo of a draft of the screenplay with a caption that reported the phrase: “Saturday is for reading”. Filming of Sea Out 4 should start soon, so fans can rest assured that this television product produced by RAI and landed on Netflix is ​​destined to be very successful again. The world of the web is now invaded by memes, posts and tiktoks that take up this TV series that has now become a popular phenomenon, so it was easy to guess that the production would not miss the opportunity to carry on this passion with another season.

Sea Out 4: what will he talk about?

Ludovica Coscione, one of the stars of the cast of Sea Out, said on TikTok that filming for the fourth season will begin shortly. The actress is ready to take on the role of Teresa again and she underlined: “I personally don’t have the scripts yet, but we’ll start filming the fourth season in May”. Fans exchanged many ideas about the future of the series and made some guesses, but Sea Out 4 it won’t hit Netflix until February 2024, that’s for sure. And, as far as the plot is concerned, there is still no precise news about it, but we look forward to updates.

Sea Out 4: previews

A plot development by Sea Out which partly worries the public is the death of Rosa Ricci. However, at the moment this hypothesis seems distant following the clash in the Piscina Mirabilis. The director Silvestrini shared some spoilers on Instagram arousing the curiosity and enthusiasm of the fans and among these he confirmed the presence of Rosa Ricci, one of the characters who came into play in Sea Out 3. “I think you deserve to know that next season… Rosa will be there!” Silvestrini wrote on social media. Other than that at the moment we only know that Sea Out will be more exciting than previous seasons.