Mare Fuori 4, the trailer and previews of the new season

A few hours after the release of the first trailer with images of the new episodes, the cast and the makers of Sea Outside They gathered in Naples for the press conference of theeagerly awaited fourth season.
The clip, a minute and a half of images that anticipate the tones and atmospheres of the new episodes, is followed by a summary of the broadcast dates which will start on RaiPlay starting from February 1st come on Rai2 in the early evening from February 14ththe date on which the remaining six episodes of the show will be released on the streaming platform.
The atmosphere is also feverish in Naples, where the presentation of the new season took place at the Rai studios in the presence of director Ivan Silvestrini and many beloved protagonists, including Ludovica Coscione, Massimiliano Caiazzo, Domenico Cuomo, Maria Esposito. Also with the group is the director of Rai Fiction Maria Pia Ammirati which underlined how successful television is has now become “a phenomenon“.

Images from the trailer

Countdown activated for the return of Sea Outside which, a year ago, in these days put the story of the boys of the Penal Institute for Minors of Naples on hold, leaving several points pending on the fate of the young protagonists.
The story it will start again where it left off showing the consequences of the shot which closed the third season. A clip had already anticipated that Edward (played by Matteo Paolillo) he will wake up from the coma while from the trailer we learn that Carmine Di Salvo and Rosa Ricci they will return to stay together. The possibility of returning to the cast is still pending. Fans were surprised by the appearance of Philip and Naditza, the characters, played respectively by Nicolas Maupas and Valentina Romani, who seemed like they wouldn’t be returning this season. It remains to be seen whether or not the images are part of one of the flashbacks through which the story develops.
The trailer proves, once again, the growth of interpreters within a product that has fascinated fans far beyond the South of Italy.
Ammirati, in the press conference, underlined precisely this aspect. Thanks to Sea OutsideNaples managed to get beyond the city even exceeding national borders. Among the merits, the universal language of the product and a cast that made the difference.

Sea Outside 4: the previews

The makers of Sea Outside they reassured fans about the tone of the new season. Despite the departure of important characters, the narrative will maintain the previous level.
Since the seasons five and six I am have already been confirmed (with the writing of the fifth currently underway), it is reasonable to think that the one that is about to be released will not close all the stories and all the plots.
Self Sea Outside 5 will see the entry of two very young girls, in the Neapolitan press conference the director Silvestrini clarified that also the fourth cycle of episodes will be characterized by farewells and new arrivals. Silvestrini defined the show as a storytelling platform that focuses attention on certain characters until their story ends, a mechanism that will also guide the writing of the next seasons.
As is known, in Sea Outside 4 a special place will go to Cub (the actor Luigi di Leo) who will have to deal with his brother’s discovery of his sexual orientation. Edwardinstead, will be pushed to make decisive choices at the invitation of the “Commander” to change his life.
At the moment, only a very small part of the public has managed to find out more, that is, those who attended the special premiere of the first two new episodes of the series screened at Rome Film Festival 2023. For everyone the wait will end in about two weeks.