Mare Fuori 4, when the new season comes out and what it will be about

Rai Fiction executive Michele Zatta, guest at Digithon 2023 together with some members of the cast of the television series Sea Outoffered a bit of a sneak peak on the release of the fourth season, as well as giving rumors about the plot.
The verdict is therefore the following: Sea Outside 4 will arrive in February 2024 on RaiPlay.
“There will be a surprise in Sanremo”, anticipates Zatta…

Filming of Sea Outside 4 are currently underway, but the fans of this Rai-branded series are excited: they are eagerly awaiting the arrival of a fourth act. In this atmosphere of spasmodic expectation, it is clear that the anticipations take root well, immediately taking root in the minds and hearts of those who love this show so much.
Rai Fiction executive Michele Zatta took advantage of DigithON 2023, the event taking place these days in Bisceglie, to offer some succulent taste.

In addition to him, some members of the cast of the TV series were present at the event, including Francesco Panarella (interpreter of Cucciolo), Carmine Recano (the actor who plays the role of commander Massimo) and Vincenzo Ferrera (the educator Beppe) .

When it comes out Sea Outside 4

Before any rumors, it’s important to know when season 4 will arrive. Zatta confirmed that the time window in which it will land will be February 2024 Sea Outside 4.

As happened for the third season, the show will be released first on the RaiPlay platform and only later will it be broadcast on Rai2.

It seems that the series will be released in two tranches, each of which will consist of six episodes. Given that the Rai manager has announced that there will be surprises on the Ariston stage, on the occasion of the next edition of the Sanremo Festival, it means that the famous Italian singing festival could perhaps be used as a launch pad. In the last edition of the Sanremo review there was the presence – as guests – of the members of the cast of the TV series, but this time more than participation as a guest star there could even be the participation in the competition of a member of the cast, namely Matteo Paolillo. However for now these are only rumors, or rather: assumptions that run on the net, bouncing from fan to fan on social networks.

Advances regarding Sea Outside 4

As we said, some advances have been offered about the plot of the fourth season of Sea Out. There will be the return of three characters much appreciated by the public, namely those of Ciro (played by Giacomo Giorgio), Pirucchio (played by Nicolò Galasso) and Pino (alias Antonio Orefice).
Find one below spoilersso if you haven’t made it to the end of season three of Sea Out do not read the following.

Clearly the presence of the aforementioned actors and their respective characters will be through some flashbacks, given that what happened to Ciro, Pirucchio and Pino certainly cannot cause the three to be resurrected… But the ways of entertainment are endless, and who knows find yourself in a “MareFuoriVerse”!
Seriously, it will most likely be flashbacks. Also the director of Sea Out Ivan Silvestrini has already made extensive use of this narrative technique for the previous chapters.

There will be “an unexpected and overwhelming love story”

Other previews are those that confuse the waters a bit but still give important information: “One of Commander Massimo, Cucciolo and Beppe will have an unexpected and overwhelming love story”. These words were not accompanied by any type of detail , however, the comment of one of the directly interesting ones is eloquent, namely Carmine Recano, interpreter of Massimo Esposito, who ruled out that the overwhelming passionate story could involve his character. “It would be obvious”, admitted Recano.

The character of Cucciolo will be at the center of the fourth season

Francesco Panarella, interpreter of Cucciolo, also attended the event. This very character will be the focus of the fourth season of Sea out. Even in this case, Be warned as a spoiler followsso if you have not yet seen the end of the third season of the series, do not proceed with the reading.

In the season 3 finale, one of the episodes focuses on Puppy’s homosexuality and his relationship with Milos. Certainly all this will be resumed in the fourth chapter which will arrive in February 2024.

We will also have to say goodbye to some important characters

Unfortunately, another novelty of the fourth season concerns the farewell of some important characters of the series, as director Silvestrini revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter Rome. Also in this case, a bit like in the case of the “unforeseen and overwhelming love story” anticipated in these days, the sin was said but not the sinner, as they say. The director did not specify which actors he will have to do without from a certain point in the fourth season onwards, leaving a bit of healthy suspense floating around.
However, Ivan Silvestrini added that some of these characters could have their own ending in the film based on the series, which is currently being written.