Mare Fuori, how did the second season end? Crazy shock: no one would ever have imagined it

The last episode of Mare Fuori 2 was aired on Wednesday 22 December, but how did it end? Really sensational twist: what happened.

After Blanca’s shocking season finale, another truly sensational one delighted and surprised the Italian public. We are talking about that of Mare Fuori. On Wednesday 22 December, in fact, the last episode of the TV series was broadcast. And, like all the previous ones, this one too was literally shocking.

How did Mare Fuori 2 end up? Photo Source: Instagram

What happened during the last episode of Sea out 2? And especially, how did it end If you are curious to know, know that we will take care of telling you everything in the smallest detail. Even if, we anticipate, the season finale is rather shocking.

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Mare out 2, how did it end? Shock twist

If you have not had the opportunity to follow the last episode of Mare Fuori 2 and now you are willing to find out how it ended, you cannot help but read the following lines. We anticipate: what happened in the last two episodes is something incredible.

Let’s start immediately by telling you that Carmine has finally discovered that the killer of his Nina was not O Pirucchio, as initially suspected, but Totò, a great friend of Edoardo. Despite this, his reaction was not that of revenge, far from it! Going to the solitary confinement cell together with the commander, the former barber showed a certain compassion towards his ‘companion’ on the road. And, in tears, she hugged him right after his confession.

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Things got pretty bad for Edoardo in prison. Convinced that he would escape from the institute thanks to Mimmo’s help, the young man soon discovered that it was all a trap. What are we talking about? Although Mimmo was immediately interested in helping the good Count to escape from searching, it was discovered that, in reality, he had allied himself with Carmine’s mother to kill him. The plan was this: Edoardo would have escaped from the institute, but on the way the men of the Di Salvo would have killed him. A perfect plan, no doubt about it! Too bad it wasn’t finished at all. Carmine and Filippo got on that truck which, in fact, should have transported the young Count to freedom. How is it possible? Simple: Carmine listened to the agreement and the plan of Mimmo and Edoardo made in the bathroom. And he took the opportunity to help his friend O ‘Chiattillo block Naditza’s wedding. Fortunately, nothing serious happened. Although initially the truck was targeted by the Di Salvo men, a call immediately blocked the discharge of the bullets. Thus allowing escape. In the meantime, however, Ciro’s sister Rosa arrived in prison. Which warned Edoardo of Mimmo’s betrayal. What will happen now?

Finally, Naditza is about to get married, but Philip has managed to block everything. Thus having a happy ending for them. Unlike, however, Gemma and Cardiotrap. The young woman went out on leave. And he met Fabio, his ex, who had been warned by Viola. The two meet and let themselves go to a moment of passion. Very soon, however, the idyll ends. Gemma, in fact, is brutally beaten. So, once she went to Gianni’s concert, she showed her wounds to her new partner. The reaction of the young singer is shocking: he goes to the bed and breakfast where the couple lived until a few hours before, confronts Fabio and, in a moment of dispute, throws the boy down.

How did the sea out 2
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In short, a rather shocking season finale. And that, no doubt, no one would ever have imagined.