Marevivo, ghost net of 200 m at the Formiche di Grosseto removed

Marevivo’s operations continue for the monitoring, reporting and removal of waste and fishing nets abandoned on the seabed. On Thursday 24th and Friday 25th February, the Marevivo Underwater Division immersed itself in the waters of the Formiche di Grosseto, three islets included in the Tuscan Archipelago, in front of the Maremma National Park, for the recovery of a ghost net about 200 long. meters, positioned on a depth of about 45-50 meters.

The operation – explains Marevivo – was carried out thanks to the support of the Zignago Vetro Group and the collaboration of the Coast Guard – Corps of the Port Authorities of Porto Santo Stefano and Castiglione della Pescaia and the marine biologists of Marevivo who assisted in the operations and carried out an analysis of the state of the network which lay on a seabed characterized by the typical biocoenoses of the Mediterranean coralligenous. The net had already been identified last December but, due to its position, it was removed as soon as the marine weather conditions allowed it.