Margherita Vicario, while waiting for the concerts, launches her Canzoncina

SHOWTIMEit special project Of Margherita Vicario (produced by Island Records – Universal Music Italy, Metatron, Dade) is enriched with a new piece: the second episode of the singer-songwriter and actress’ podcast is available from tomorrow – Friday 29 September – on all digital platforms in audio and video format which, supported by various guests, tackles some of the most controversial and debated topics of current affairs, accompanying each episode with new music. TRAGICALLY OPTIMISTIC is the title of this new chapter, already in exclusive preview on Amazon Music, accompanied by the new single and video clip SONG. Special guest of the podcast is the science writer and writer Adrian Fartade who, starting from the theme of the increasingly worrying climate crisis, reflects with Margherita on the eco-social collapse that will affect humanity over the years. We find the same tone in SONGengaging dance pop sounds and particular electronic effects intertwine with the strong narrative skills of Margherita Vicario which, with the production of Dadegives us an ironic look at the future of the planet, “Who knows what will happen to us on this Earth”.

Coherent, with a unique style that often led her to visually and musically narrate current issues driven by creative urgencies, Margherita pizza breaks yet another narrative wall by adding the contemporaneity of the language of the podcast and the richness of the dialectical comparison, to dissect and convey the chosen message in the round so that the music, the word, the choreography and the imagery all focus on the same meaning, strengthening it . Margherita Vicario is ready to embrace its audience again and bring on stage – alongside the repertoire of the past – it SHOWTIME TOUR 2023: the live concert produced by Vivo Concerti, varied and engaging, in clubs throughout Italy between November and December 2023. The organizer declines all responsibility in the event of purchasing tickets outside the authorized ticketing circuits not present in our official press releases.

Friday 24 November – ROME @ Largo Venue
Saturday 25 November – ROME @ Largo Venue
Thursday 30 November – TURIN @ Teatro della Concordia
Friday 1 December – FLORENCE @ Viper
Sunday 3 December – MILAN @ Alcatraz
Tuesday 5 December – PADUA @ Hall
Wednesday 6 December – BOLOGNA @ Estragon