Maria De Filippi and Stefano De Martino, an absolutely new background appears

Maria De Filippi and Stefano De Martino, an absolutely new background appears; what the conductor said.

A career in continuous growth, that of Stephen DeMartino. It was when, for the first time, he appeared on TV as a dance student at the Amici di Maria De Filippi school. Today, however, Stefano De Martino has abandoned dance for conducting, becoming one of the most loved and talented faces of our small screen.

Stefano and Maria (Credits Raiplay / Mediaset Play)

Interviewed by Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, the Neapolitan spoke about himself without filters, retracing some of the most salient moments of his career. And revealing what it was the most valuable advice that he received at work. Guess who it came from? Right from her, Maria DeFilippi.

Stefano De Martino tells an unpublished background on Maria De Filippi

A career that began with dancing and led to conducting. Today Stefano De Martino is one of the most loved showmen of our TV and for this he must also thank Maria De Filippi. Not only because the presenter strongly wanted him in the school in the ninth edition of Amici, but also because it was she who gave Stefano the most important piece of advice throughout his career. It was Belen Rodriguez’s partner who revealed it during an interview with Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni.

Maria at first told me “Be yourself”, it’s the hardest thing to do on television. It’s hard especially at the beginning, but today if I look at myself and listen to myself on TV, I recognize myself”. These are the words of Stefano, who treasured the words of De Filippi, with whom he has an exceptional relationship.

In the interview, De Martino also explained why he decided to change his ways and move away from the world of dance. The conductor said that he is a slave to his enthusiasm and that he is unable to continue in something when enthusiasm fails: “When dance had become a profession for me and there was nothing left to discover, I it came natural to look at the TV. I’m like that, if I’m uncomfortable I’m different, if I’m comfortable I’m bored”.

stefano de martino maria de filippi
Maria De Filippi to Men and Women (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

And, speaking of TV, Stefano is currently at the helm of the second season of Bar Stella, broadcast on Rai Due in the late evening for three evenings a week, from Tuesday to Thursday: a talk show full of guests and ‘bar chat’ light but also super interesting. Will we see Stefano De Martino again at Amici in the role of judge in the evening? We just have to wait to find out if Maria De Filippi will bet on him once again for the final phase of the twenty-second edition of the talent show.