Maria De Filippi, as it was before the success: the change over the years

Today presenter of the most loved television programs, but as Maria De Filippi was before her success, we see the change over the years!

Maria De Filippi she is certainly one of the most loved TV presenters of all time. On the other hand, it cannot be denied that her programs are the ones with the greatest audience, very popular at all hours! From Men and Women to There is Mail for You, passing through Friends .. In short, on Canale 5 it is a real triumph!

Maria De Filippi, her change over the years (Photo source Instagram)

Its television beginnings date back to at least 30 years ago. It was 1992 when she made her TV debut. Since then it can be said that the well-known presenter has achieved astonishing success. Do you remember her conducting her very first program as a presenter? She had entered the television studios to conduct the second edition of Amici, ready to replace the presenter of the time, Lella Costa. The format of the program, however, is completely different from what we know today. Time has passed since that day, and Maria De Filippi has made conquests on the small screen! But what was Maria De Filippi like before her debut on TV? Let’s see her change!

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Before success: how Maria De Filippi has changed over the years, the change

Maria De Filippi is the queen of TV. Her programs are very popular and loved. From her television beginnings, the famous presenter has traveled through it. In both the public and private sectors, many things have changed for her. But do you remember Maria De Filippi before her debut? Do you know what she was like when she was very young? Let’s see the change of our host!

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maria de filippi change
Photo source Instagram

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Although this photo is in black and white it is easy to understand that in this very young shot Maria De Filippi had a decidedly different hair from how we have known and seen her on TV over the years. A longer hair, bangs but above all .. Dark hair! We do not know how old she was precisely in this photo our presenter, but it is easy to assume that she was really very young. Time has passed since this photo was ‘captured’, and we can see how Maria De Filippi has changed over the years. Always in great shape, but with a different hair color and a few inches less on the hair!