Maria De Filippi has revealed it only now: unthinkable background on C’e Posta per Te, sensational!

The presenter Maria De Filippi has revealed it only now: an unthinkable background on C’e Posta per Te, sensational news!

Maria De Filippi she is one of the most authoritative presenters and creators of programs in our country, a true lady of television. However, an unexpected background appears on his program You’ve Got Mail, he revealed it only now!

Maria De Filippi reveals a background on There is Mail for you! (Source Instagram)

Maria, the famous wife of the famous journalist and host Maurizio Costanzo, has revealed a sensational background on her past and above all on her work in the various programs she has made. During the daytime from Friends 21 aired on Wednesday 17 November, Maria De Filippi begins an interesting conversation with one of the contestants of the singing talent. It is about Luca D ‘Alessio, in art LDA, which asks the host and hostess a series of questions about the difficulty of working in the entertainment world and being under pressure every day. Maria De Filippi replies to the boy, revealing an unthinkable background on You’ve Got Mail.

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Maria De Filippi reveals a sensational background on There is Mail for You!

During the daytime from Friends, the competitor LDA reveals his concerns, starting with the fear of performing, making mistakes and being judged. Maria encourages the boy by telling him that she too, even after all her career years, is afraid. At that point the boy asks her: “How do you manage to live like this?”. Maria De Filippi so he decides to tell a background about his past and his work. The presenter tells of the failure of a program in which she believed a lot, she did not reveal the name of this program but De Filippi said that she, although there were only three months to prepare for the broadcast, wanted to go on the air anyway . “The next day the result was devastating, the program went very badly,” says Maria, who never gave up.

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Background on There is Mail for You
Source Instagram

The well-known Milanese presenter then spoke about one of her most successful programs, You’ve Got Mail, stating that “I left for Milan to tell two people about C’e Posta per Te, they told me in good faith that I wouldn’t be able to do this program.” Maria De Filippi he then explained to LDA and to all the study that that experience made her feel very insecure. However, Maria did not give up, and after a few days, she decided to try out the program.

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A great decision for Maria De Filippi, since You’ve Got Mail is hugely successful today! A great teaching of the presenter to the young competitors, this story was certainly very useful to him.