Maria De Filippi, incredible background: Max Pezzali has to do with it, who would have thought it?

Check out an incredible background on Maria De Filippi: Max Pezzali really has something to do with it, would you have ever imagined it? Hard to believe!

She is one of the most popular presenters of the Italian small screen, Maria De Filippi. Currently at the helm of Men and Women, Canale 5’s centuries-old dating show, and Amici, she has been the backbone of many other successful programs. Are you convinced, however, that you know everything about her?

Incredible background on Maria De Filippi: Max Pezzali speaks. Photo source: Video mediaset

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From Monday to Friday, Maria De Filippi keeps her beloved audience company with Men and Women. On Sunday afternoon, instead with Amici. And starting from 8 January on Saturday evening, finally, with C’e Posta per Te. In short, the beloved presenter is the true queen of Mediaset. And with its programs it is capable of winning everyone’s attention. But don’t think you know everything about her! Without any doubt, in fact, not everyone knows this incredible background which we will talk about in a few moments and which concerns Max Pezzali. Are you ready to discover everything? We think about it immediately. Although, we anticipate, we are talking about a background who wanted to reveal, albeit after years, the person concerned. No more chatter, that’s what we’re talking about.

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Maria De Filippi, impressive background: Max Pezzali revealed it, incredible

Get to know this background on Maria De Filippi, it will truly leave you speechless. And, just think, to reveal everything in the smallest detail, it was precisely Max Pezzali. We know very well that, to date, the TV presenter has been married for 26 years to Maurizio Costanzo. Married in 1995, the couple represents the emblem of love. And even today, years after their marriage, they really love each other madly.

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But do you know what happened before the wedding? Apparently, it would seem that Maurizio Costanzo used to give flowers to what would later become his future wife. So far so good, we would dare to say. If it weren’t for the fact that the one who delivered them to De Filippi was really him: Max Pezzali. Before becoming famous and a beloved singer, the ex of 883 worked with his parents in their flower shop. And, more often than not, he also handed them over to the queen of Mediaset.

De Filippi Max Pezzali
Photo Source: Instagram

Would you have ever imagined such a background?