Maria De Filippi silences him in front of everyone: “They are a bit bored”

Maria De Filippi did not hold back from expressing her thoughts clearly: the presenter bursts out in the episode and silences the competitor.

His aplomb is as famous as his shows and in over twenty years of television career, audiences will struggle to remember episodes in which Maria De Filippi has really lost patience. Well, of those very few, the last one took place recently, during the first episode of one of the broadcasts that see her as the protagonist.

Maria De Filippi gets angry (Credits: Witty Tv)

A rare event, as we said, because among the main characteristics of Maurizio Costanzo’s blonde wife there is certainly a diplomacy that is not easy to find on TV. She too, however, has evidently lost her temper this time, exasperated by what a competitor said before and after her performance.

From Saturday 17 September, as all his loyal public knows, two of his programs have started again, that is Friendswith the usual formation of the new class of pupils, e You yes que vales, talent open to competitors of any age and nationality who want to demonstrate their skills in any artistic field. The first episode of this last show started immediately with sparks and some of them made the presenter burst out!

Maria De Filippi silences the competitor: “It impresses me a bit”

Among the amazing talents who walked the stage of You yes que valesFrancesco Ocelli, 50, presented himself under the pseudonym of Francesco Nothing. He told of coming from Bari and having acted in the past. Now, however, he is a doorman in the theater. The jurors noticed that the man was speaking in the third person to talk about himself and asked him why. He replied that he considers himself “one and three”, since he has two collaborators: “I represent the nothing that is in each of us”.

He then performed singing the song Panties, a succession of idiotic and meaningless verses including: “Donna changes panties. They never eat, never drink, never dream, never sleep “.

When the performance ended, Rudy Zerbi And Teo Mammuccari they were very direct in their judgment: “Embarrassing. There is neither sympathy nor humility. An annoying stuff, ”Mammuccari said bluntly. Francesco Niente, however, refuted by defining the text of Underwear “Brilliant”. Zerbi then blurted out: “Don’t fool us, you’re not telling us anything we don’t know. The public is not stupid ”.

De Filippi then intervened who, although displeased by having to express disapproval, could not avoid underlining why she did not like the song: “The idea that a woman is reduced to panties makes me a little impression. I understand the provocation, but these provocations got a bit bored, ”she said.

Francesco Niente then retorted that he has no pretensions as an actor: “I already do something else. I try to stage a failure, otherwise I would not have come here at 50 to do Francesco Niente. I would have come 20 years ago to recite Dante’s Inferno that I know by heart ”. And he added that he already has his followers.

However, Maria pointed out that, even if covertly, a part of him was looking for approval: “Whoever goes on a broadcast at the age of 50, in front of a camera and a microphone, is because he needs it, otherwise he stays at his house”.

Maria De Filippi silences
Maria De Filippi competitor in the broadcast (Credits: Witty Tv)

Have you listened to Francesco Niente’s performance?