Maria De Filippi, the final decision arrives? What is it about

Maria De Filippi, the final decision of the presenter arrives? What is it about; the indiscretion makes the fans dream.

Missing less and less at the start of a new television season. After the usual summer stop, the main programs are about to return to the air and, among the most loved by the public, there are certainly those branded Maria De Filippi.

Maria De Filippi (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

From Men and Women to Friends, up to Tu si que vales: from mid-September, all the beloved Queen Mary formats will restart on Canale 5. But that’s not all… One of the most popular reality shows ever to return to Mediaset: what does De Filippi have to do with it? We tell you everything!

Maria De Filippi, the decision of the presenter on a beloved program

We have talked to you several times about the return of de The mole. The reality show aired from 2004 to 2008 with three editions, broadcast first on Rai Due (first edition) and then on Italia Uno. A beloved program, which, despite the passing of the years, viewers have always remembered with nostalgia and hope to see it on the air again. Well, the wait seems to be about to end.

The reality show is about to return to the Mediaset schedules and there will be the hand of Maria De Filippi. Interviewed by Today, however, the presenter was keen to clarify that the rights of the broadcast were purchased by Mediaset and not by its production company, the Charm. What is the role of Queen Mary? “Pier Silvio simply called me and asked me to put down some ideas to update the format. We are still in an embryonic phase of the project, ”said De Filippi. And, on the alleged first ideas of her, several rumors have already leaked.

Like the one he talks about Silvia Toffanin at the helm of the new edition of La Talpa. The presenter of Verissimo enjoys the absolute esteem of Maria De Filippi, who would have chosen to bet on her. That’s not all: there is also the name of the probable envoy and he too is linked to a beloved transmission from Mary. It is about Filippo Bisciglia, who, an ‘orphan’ of Temptation Island, could get back into the game right in the reality show, in which he participated years ago. Another indiscretion, launched by TV Blog, concerns the possible cast: among the competitors there would be no VIPs, as in past editions, but common characters. If the indiscretion was confirmed, it would be an absolute novelty for the reality show.

maria de filippi decision
Silvia Toffanin (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

We remind you that, at the moment, these are simple rumors and that no official information has been disclosed on the fourth edition of the adventurous reality show. Would you like to see Silvia Toffanin get involved outside of Verissimo di lei’s living room? Keep following us for all the news and updates on the next TV season.