Maria De Filippi, unfiltered confession ‘Too much pain, I don’t know if I’ll have the strength!’

There is something deeply disturbing Maria De Filippi, that’s what it is about. Nobody knows this truth, the presenter confesses it without filters.

Many believe that Maria DeFilippi is a strong woman in one piece, in reality she also lives by big difficulties. However strong in appearance, the public should know that one is also fragile, and that to demonstrate sadness it is not a sign of weakness. Indeed it is yet another demonstration of courage. The presenter reveals more about her great fear.

Maria De Filippi confession (Photo: Instagram)

Adults also live dramas, without forgetting the presence of real fears. Maria DeFilippi she is a point of reference for fans, without her television would never be the same.

Thus, beyond his success and his television image, there is something that not everyone knows. The reveals without any shame, indeed it shows itself as it is.

Maria De Filippi confesses her greatest fear

The Canale 5 presenter makes one really hectic life, in which he has very little time for himself and for the people around him. Thus, we can confirm that she is a real one workaholic and that the time for fun is very little. So, just in such a situation, where it seems satisfied, jump out unspeakable fear.

Maria De Filippi UeD
Maria De Filippi, the confession that displaces (Credit: Instagram) – sologossip

Maria DeFilippi she really has a passion for her work, but she is also married to a man with whom she shares a special relationship, Maurice Costanzo. Together they are a formidable couple, perhaps the most admired in the country for their complicity.

The point is that there are also major concerns for the presenter. Her husband is older than her, by about twenty years. So if she is one mature woman, he is a man who is still getting on in years, and consequently can only be afraid of losing him.

There De Filippi she confesses that she doesn’t even want to think about it, but she is aware that her Mauritius he won’t live forever, and that sooner or later he will lose it. So, he confesses this very great fear of him.

He feels so much that he states the following words: “I’m too afraid of losing him, I don’t know if I will have the strength to face his death.”

This is because he the would like by your side, and she will, but not without feeling uncontrollable pain. She doesn’t feel ready, she shows herself fragile and with the same fear that all the people in the world have.