Maria De Filippi, who she is and what her brother Giuseppe does in life

Do you know Giuseppe, Maria De Filippi’s brother? There are many interesting tidbits about him and his relationship with his sister. That’s where you’ve seen it before

Maria DeFilippi she recently lost her husband. Maurice Costanzo, in fact, passed away on February 24, at the age of 84. The journalist died after spending a few days in the hospital, at his funeral there were many personalities linked to the world of journalism, politics, entertainment but also many ordinary people who have always been fond of his television broadcasts, especially the Maurizio Costanzo Showhis workhorse of the last forty years.

Maria De Filippi, do you know her brother? (credits: Instagram) just gossip

How much do you know about the Milanese presenter’s family? The name of Joseph DeFilippi does that tell you something? Yet you should have seen it somewhere before, but maybe you need a little help. On Mary we know pretty much everything, she was married for nearly twenty-eight years to Constantius and has been working in television since 1991. His broadcasts are much loved and his secret is that he has captivated audiences of all ages.

It is no mystery, in fact, that Friends of Maria De Filippi both the most watched television program by young people under thirty, while Men and women And You’ve Got Mail they have a diverse audience. There De Filippi she has never been wrong, her success has allowed her to win the (virtual, of course) title of queen of television. It is not a trivial compliment, given that in the past this appellation has been combined with Raffaella Carrà. Returning to his brother Joseph, do you know what he deals with in life? There is a curiosity that may surprise you.

This is who Giuseppe is, the brother of Maria De Filippi

Joseph DeFilippi is the younger brother of Maria DeFilippi. He was born in Rome on 17 September 1964 and is a journalist. During an old interview granted to Raffaella Carrà during the programme You start tellingthe Lombard presenter also spoke about her family, focusing on her brother Josephwith whom he has always had an excellent relationship.

DeFilippi Giuseppe
Giuseppe De Filippi, Maria’s brother (credits: Instagram) only gossip

Also Joseph DeFilippi works at Mediaset, just like her sister. He is a journalist and broadcaster and started his career in 1987 when he collaborated with the newspaper The Opinionpolitically linked to Italian Liberal Party. Since 2018 he has become a columnist of the Sheetwhile working for the televisions of Berlusconi since 1992, arriving to host TG5 in 2007.

After ten years hosting the 8 o’clock news, however, he decided to switch to the other side of the camera, becoming deputy director of news. He also collaborated with the Rai in some radio programmes. In addition, you taught economic policy in a high school. In 1998 she published The bank of the Eurowith Stefano Da Empoli. In the past he also wrote for the newspaper The newspaper.