Maria De Filippi’s ‘advice’ to the famous conductor: precious words

Maria de Filippi’s ‘advice’ to the famous conductor: this is what she always tells him.

Maria De Filippi is a mainstay of Italian television. For over 20 years he has accompanied us with his broadcasts: Amici, Tu si que vales, There is mail for you, Men and women. Soon we will have the opportunity to follow the new editions since the debut is very close.

Maria de Filippi, council (credits: youtube)

For example Men and Women began a few days ago with the first recordings that we will see on air on September 12th; Amici is also about to leave, on the 18th there will be the first episode of the twenty-second edition which will see the formation of the new class. New dancers and singers are ready to surprise us on the coveted stage, thousands of young people try to enter the school. Not only do they have the opportunity to train even more and improve but also to make themselves known and maybe get noticed by great professionals outside. Maria is a guarantee, everything she does she collects the consent of the public, which is why she is defined by many as the ‘queen of TV’. She is a shoulder to always rely on, and apparently his ‘advice’ is valuable.

As revealed by a famous conductor, who seems to have taken the words of the presenter literally, a sort of indication that he held tight.

Maria De Filippi’s ‘advice’ left to the famous conductor: words he kept well in mind

Some of the programs that left us before the summer break will begin shortly. In these days there has already been the debut of Live Life, Afternoon Five, Morning Five, and the ratings of the first episodes are considerable. Little is missing at the beginning of Big Brother Vip. The reality show seems to have everything ready to surprise us more than previous editions.

Alfonso Signorini is again at the helm, flanked by Orietta Berti and Sonia Bruganelli. This year there is something new, usually the names of the competitors are revealed first, also appearing on the cover of Chi. This time it is not so, the conductor wants to surprise the audience, revealing the protagonists only in the episode. At the moment, the sure names are Giovanni Ciacci who announced that he is a competitor in an interview with Chi, Wilma Goich and Pamela Prati. Signorini interviewed by Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni spoke about the new edition of the program, revealing that he had wanted to play on this surprise effect for some time. Speaking he also indirectly revealed a piece of advice that Maria De Filippi always tells him. Her words that he kept well in mind.

maria de filippi council
Maria, council host (credits: youtube)

Today Alfonso has managed to establish himself on television with success, climbing higher and higher. In reference to this he said: As Maria de Filippi always tells me: “Making TV is like riding a bike, the more you do it the easier it is”, naturally with all the related and connected risks ”. Here this is the advice that the presenter of Amici always reports to Signorini.