Maria De Filippi’s style: the dress she wears in prime time has a mind-boggling price

Maria De Filippi in an evening dress is incomparable, with ease she enchants the public, but not everyone knows how much her style amounts to.

Without a doubt Maria DeFilippi embodies a style icon beyond what he wears. She is a composed and well-mannered woman, but always direct, she never indulges in small talk, says things as they are, it is among the most transparent. In dressing she is always very sober, but behind apparently simple and traditional clothes, gods are hidden prices from dizziness. These are outfits that tread the most famous fashion catwalks.

Maria De Filippi (Credits: @_defilippimariaa)- Sologossip

The year has just begun and we are already seeing Mediaset programs entering the scene. Maria DeFilippi she is the undisputed landlady of Canale 5, and also accompanies the viewers this Saturday evening. This time she does it with the historical program par excellence, the most moving, You’ve Got Mail. In fact, it is precisely during the episode, the first of the year, that between twists and tears in the studio, only the most skilled connoisseurs of fashion trends have unearthed what the Queen Mary wears in the early evening. It’s not an everyday dress, even if simple, it’s tailored, high fashion. Here’s how much it costs price it blows your mind!

Maria De Filippi shocks everyone, this is how much the dress costs

The first appointment of the year must be faced in the best possible way, especially if it involves wearing clothes that make the difference. Let’s start by revealing what the brand name who wears Maria DeFilippi, not only in this first episode, but on many other occasions. Also to You are Que Vales and Friends sported this very popular style. Louis Vuitton it is among the presenter’s favorite brands, as already mentioned, in fact it is not the first time she has worn a dress from this fashion house.

It’s a white dress trompe-l’oeil with front detail. The typology is sartorial, created in double wool crêpe, with zip and detail in Monogram canvas inspired by the horse riding sector. The model has short sleeves and the skirt is in a wallet style, the height of chic and glamour. But how much is it?

Maria De Filippi price of the dress
Maria De Filippi (Credits: screenshot @cepostaperteufficiale)- Sologossip

Appearance is often deceiving, because from such a simple and functional dress you don’t expect such a cost, but that doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful or not very elegant, on the contrary it looks great! Maria DeFilippi she’s a 61-year-old with great style. She wears the dress with ease, despite the price and quality. She is also the result of her healthy lifestyle and Crossfit training that she does every day, without forgetting her passion for tennis, and taking care of her beloved dogs. The price of her dress is 2,990 euros!