María Jesús Sothers shows off the ‘baby boomer’ nails that are the best trend this season

María Jesús Sothers, the fashion and beauty influencer, has once again surprised her followers on Instagram with her latest nail style choice: the popular ‘Baby Boomer’ nails. This manicure trend has become the sensation of the season, and María Jesús did not hesitate to show her choice in a recent Instagram story.

María Jesús Sothers. Source: Instagram @jesusothers

The ‘Baby Boomer’ that he published in his instagram is a style of nail art that has taken the beauty world by storm, especially among celebrities. It is characterized by its subtle and elegant appearance, which combines pastel colors with striking designs. One of the most classic options within this trend is the appearance of neat and natural nails with a light and subtle base.

If you are looking for a more modern twist, the ‘Baby Boomer’ chosen by Maria, allows you to play with soft and diffused tones to achieve an elegant gradient on your nails. The preferred colors to achieve this style are pale pink, beige and white, which create a sophisticated and versatile look. But the real magic of the ‘Baby Boomer’ lies in its ability to adapt to different tastes and preferences. You can experiment with a gradient in three colors, such as orange, lilac and blue, to add a touch of fun and highlight your tan in the spring-summer season.

If you want a touch of shine and glamor like nails from Maria, Consider adding glitter to your ‘Baby Boomer’ manicure. This added detail adds a dazzling shine that is sure to catch everyone’s attention. Trending colors for this season include lilac, pink and orange, and the beauty of the ‘Baby Boomer’ is that you can combine these shades however you like to create your own unique and personalized style.

In summary, María Jesús Sothers has once again proven her excellent taste in fashion and beauty by choosing ‘Baby Boomer’ nails as her latest favorite trend. If you are looking for a manicure that is sophisticated, elegant and versatile, look no further, the ‘Baby Boomer’ is the perfect choice for you! Will you dare to try it and show it on your social networks? Creativity in the world of nail art is infinite, so dare to experiment and stand out with this trend that is sweeping!