Maria Laura De Vitis competitor of The Island of the Famous: because it ended with Paolo Brosio

Maria Laura De Vitis today at The Island of the Famous, a few years ago she ended up at the center of gossip for her relationship with Paolo Brosio: that’s why it’s over.

Maria Laura De Vitis has landed in Honduras in a reality show that has already started after she had been proclaimed the winner of La pupa e il secchione together with Edoardo Baietti. Her experience in Barbara D’Urso’s program immediately launched her on a new path.

Island of the famous, Maria Laura De Vitis: why it ended with Paolo Brosio (Credits: youtube)

On the island he has shown that he has a very strong character and does not give up in the face of bad weather. He did not have easy days as very often his teammates did not believe his moves, questioning his attitude. Tonight there will be the final of The Island of the Famous, who will win?

The castaway is not a new face on television as we met her many years ago. You participated in an episode of Ciao Darwin and later in First appointment. There has been a lot of talk about her in reference to her private life, in fact Maria Laura had a relationship with the journalist Paolo Brosio, a relationship that caused a lot of discussion due to the difference in age, about 42 years and many thought that it was a fake relationship but the couple has always denied it. De Vitis herself then announced the breakup on instagram: but what were the reasons for the separation.

Island of the famous, Maria Laura De Vitis: because it ended with Paolo Brosio

When the news of the relationship between Maria Laura De Vitis and Paolo Brosio spread a lot about them. In particular, there was a lot of criticism. The two are about 42 years apart and when it became known about their love, many thought it was fake and that the young woman wanted to take advantage of the journalist’s popularity.

Something that Maria Laura has always denied, stating that she has real feelings for Brosio. At one point, however, the current castaway of The Island of the Famous announced the breakup on instagram in which in a message she said that she and Paolo had met for a clarification and had come to the conclusion that their relationship had ended. . But what were the reasons?

maria laura paolo brosio, rupture reasons
Credits: youtube

As reported by the, Maria Laura and Paola were guests of the Sunday Live show at the time. The young woman confessed that unfortunately it was all over: “I say this reluctantly but we love each other so much that Paolo will always remain in my life”he explained adding that he would have liked to feel love for man: “I would like to have love for Poalo but we cannot lie to ourselves and to the public. The love that bound us before for both is over ”. Here, apparently the feeling was over on the part of both, this is the reason for the breakup.