María Luisa Godoy enthusiastically celebrates Pancho Saavedra as Viña’s new animator

“I have to take on a very big challenge as an animator of the Viña del Mar Festival 2024 and I will do it as in all my projects: putting my heart at the service of a team, my partner Mari Godoy and the public, which has made this one one of the most important festivals in the world”, expressed Pancho Saavedra excited.

The news has caused a furor on social networks, where fans have expressed their joy and enthusiasm for the arrival of the communicator at Quinta Vergara. Many believe that the new dynamic duo from Viña promises great moments of humor, fun and excitement for viewers.

Maria Luisa Godoy He has also shared his excitement for working with Pancho Saavedra. “I am very happy to once again have the opportunity to lead the Viña del Mar Festival. It will be an honor for me to share the stage with the great talent, sympathy and affection of Francisco Saavedra“said the cheerleader.

But that is not all. In a gesture of friendship and gratitude, Mari took the opportunity to send a message to her partner of years in Viña, Martin Carcamo. “I want to send a very special message of gratitude to my great colleague and friend Martín Cárcamo. Thank you for your friendship, loyalty, enormous professionalism and above all your great humanity. I hope and I am sure that we will meet again many times,” he declared.

The news has caused a stir across the country, with many Festival fans already counting down the days until the start of the event. The LXIII edition of the Viña del Mar Festival will be broadcast by Channel 13 and TVN for Chile, together with the stations of the IARC radio conglomerate. Also, the chain Star+ will take the show to all of Latin America.

Viña 2024 already has an entertainer!