María Luisa Godoy revealed if she will continue to enlarge the family

One of the most important and recognized conductors that our country has is María Luisa Godoy who in recent years has become the official presenter of the Viña del Mar International Festival. At 42 years old, she shows that she is one of the most beautiful women in all and to this is added that she has just given birth to her fifth child, who was born with Down’s Syndrome. When asked if she will continue to have children, the one born in Santiago referred to it.

In recent months, Mary Louis Godoy She was accused of plagiarism after she had advanced part of her program on TVN, called ‘Urbanos’ and the comparisons with Julio César Rodríguez were not long in coming. The host’s new project consists of giving spaces to new artists within music. However, many users stated that it was a copy of ‘La Junta’ and that it was similar to the one Rodríguez had. Others, on the other hand, expressed her good wishes to the presenter.

María Luisa Godoy, 42-year-old driver. Source Instagram @marigodoyibanez

The great opportunity to Mary Louise Godoy It came to her in 2018 when she was called to be the host together with Martín Cárcamo of the 2019 and 2020 Viña del Mar International Festival. Since it was not held in 2021 and 2022 due to the pandemic, she will return from the 2023 edition together with Cárcamo. Meanwhile, the presenter enjoys her huge family.

Some weeks ago, Mary Louise Godoy He had his fifth child with Ignacio Rivadeneira and through social networks, he announced that Domingo, as he was baptized, had Down Syndrome. After being interviewed by Page 7 before the birth of her little one, the driver said: “I’m happy, it’s wonderful. I love him, I am too happy both family and professionally”.

María Luisa Godoy announced that you will not have any more children and Domingo was the last. Source Instagram @marigodoyibanez

Then Mary Louise Godoy They asked her if she would continue to enlarge the family and look for her sixth child, and the 42-year-old driver emphasized: “Here we closed the factory, five is enough, we did a lot and my husband agrees.” And about what it means to have a child with Down Syndrome, she excitedly replied: “It’s a very beautiful world that I’m learning about. With Domingo there is a world that I did not know”.