María Luisa Godoy showed her newborn son for the first time

About some months ago, Mary Louise Godoy she was expecting her fifth child: Domingo. Let us remember that the presenter already had four children: Violeta, Jacinta, Luisa and little Ignacio, who was only 2 years old. This past August 21, she was interviewed by Martín Cárcamo on his program “De Tú a Tú” and she talked about her pregnancy at 42 years old.

His doctor asked him to undergo a genetic test and there he gave him the news: “He told me that he came with a chromosome problem (…) The diagnosis is that 95% have Down Syndrome.” Maria Luisa He said: “With Nacho we lived three hard months, because the worst thing is when you don’t know the scenario you are facing (…) We began to have a little more certainty at 25 weeks when they told us that he had no problems with the heart, the intestine or the the kidneys”.

And he continued: “So apparently he is not a sick child. He has a condition Down’s Syndromebut he is healthy. We have to wait for it to be born and see what happens.” This September 7, the animator of the Viña del Mar Festival gave birth to Domingo and showed it on her social networks.

Maria Luisa Godoy and Domingo. Source: Instagram @marigodoyibanez

“And our beloved Chinaman was born. A thousand thanks for so many messages of love for Domingo and for all of us,” he wrote. Maria Luisa, and showed photos of the bus. The Instagram post quickly exceeded 100,000 likes and 12,000 comments.

Maria Luisa Godoy and Domingo. Source: Instagram @marigodoyibanez

Millaray Viera wrote to her “What a joy, beautiful little friend! Pure happiness for the 7!!; Pancho Saavedra commented “I adore you my friend, the happiness of the whole world for you” and Julián Elfenbein “Congratulations Mary Nacho dear for the arrival of that angel and blessing called Domingo. All the love for that beautiful family they have.

Ignatius and Dominic. Source: Instagram @marigodoyibanez