María Luisa Godoy suffered an accident and was the laughingstock of the Internet

Maria Luisa Godoy, the Chilean television presenter, has starred in a comical accident during her visit to Valparaíso with her husband, Ignacio Rivadeneira, last weekend. During her participation in the Good morning everyone program, Eduardo Fuentes could not resist the temptation to ask her about the injury he had on his knee.

The communicator did not hesitate to show the marks left by the accident, although several days have passed. And, to the surprise of those present, she shared a video on her account instagram where she was seen dancing with her husband and another man, who, as she explained, was “a little happy”.

Maria imitating her fall. Source: Twitter @showmundialshow.

As reported Godoy, It was precisely that man who made her fall on the dance floor, but not before having put “her cups” on her. Her fall was spectacular, but the cheerleader managed to avoid an indecent position thanks to her cunning and a quick lateral movement from her that saved her honor.

Despite the incident, Godoy did not lose his sense of humor and assured that Eduardo Fuentes he laughed out loud when he saw his knee, commenting that “what a way to enjoy the weekend”. The journalist took the situation gracefully and made it clear that, although the injury was real, she was willing to laugh at herself.

Maria Luisa Godoy. Source: Instagram @marigodoyibanez.

These types of situations remind us that although life can be unpredictable and sometimes painful, it is always important to have a good sense of humor. Maria Luisa Godoy teaches us that even in the most difficult moments, there is always room for laughter and fun.

In conclusion, the accident Maria Luisa Godoy It has been a reminder that, despite the obstacles, it is important not to lose optimism and to enjoy every moment of life. The cheerleader has shown that laughter can be the best medicine to overcome adversity and that, even in the darkest moments, there are always reasons to smile.