Maria Monsé, do you know who her husband is? The couple is very close: a love of other times

Maria Monsé is a new competitor of the GF Vip, but do you know who her husband is? The couple got married 4 times: how much love!

Just over 3 years after her first participation in GF Vip, Maria Monsé has once again become one of her competitors. Joined together with Patrizia Pellegrino during the episode of Monday 22 November, the beloved showgirl said she was ready to get back into the game and redeem herself. It will be like this? We really hope so! Also because it has all the credentials to do it!

Who is Maria Monsé’s husband? What a beautiful couple. Photo Source: Instagram

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Waiting to find out how his journey in the house of the GF Vip will end, we are ready to tell you everything about Maria Monsé. Beyond her career, which is known and loved by everyone, do you know everything about her private life? Currently, the beautiful Maria is happily married and is the mother of an extraordinary baby girl. What do we know, however, of his husband? Who is? We will take care of telling you everything in the smallest detail. We anticipate, the couple got married four times! In short, if this is not love, what can be defined as such?

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Who is Maria Monsè’s husband?

In the house of the GF Vip, Maria Monsé she didn’t come in as a single woman at all, but as a happily married woman. Here, at this point the question arises: what do we know about him husband? We’ll take care of telling you everything. Even if, we anticipate, the news we have about them is really minimal.

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Salvatore Paravia is the husband of Maria Monsé. And, from what we learn from the web, it seems he is about two years older than his beautiful wife. Completely away from the world of entertainment, the good Paravia is the owner of a company that deals with elevators. And, let’s be clear, we refer to their installation and maintenance. The couple apparently got married for the first time in 2006. And, in 2017, they renewed their promises on live TV. How can we forget, in fact, the connection with Afternoon Five. But do you think it ended here? Absolutely not! On the occasion of their 13 years of marriage, it is read that the couple has once again celebrated their love.

Maria Monsé husband
Photo Source: Instagram

In short, that between Mary and Savior is a love of other times, no doubt about it!