Maria Teresa Ruta shock: “I suffered a rape attempt but I didn’t report it”

The presenter says: “A great pain. You have to pay attention to the first signs, know how to read them”

Maria Teresa Ruta reveals that she was the victim of an attempted rape but did not press charges. It is the presenter who recounts the dramatic episode in the confession to ‘Radio2 Happy Family’: “Several years ago I suffered an attempt at violence but I didn’t report it. I spoke about it later, with great pain. You have to pay attention to the first signs, know them read,” he says.

Ruta retraces her life and career in the chat with Ema Stokholma and the Gemelli di Guidonia. “The first time my life changed? I was dancing on the tables, my parents tell me, they took me to the dance hall to make me dance, and once they gave a number and called all the women on the floor. I ran, and I I won a paper umbrella, a paper jacket and from there my miss launch began. I was Miss Trota, Miss World Suzuki and then Miss Muretto. I have a passion for tombstones. The epitaph I would choose for myself? I drank life in one gulp, but I still have a lot of thirst left. That’s a journey, I’m a great traveller.”

A very important project against violence against women kicks off on November 25th. “I did not report an attempted violence suffered several years ago. I spoke about it later, with great pain. A great author and singer-songwriter wrote this text by reading or listening to my statements. I spoke about this thing with great pain, she thought that we could try to help women at least talk to each other, especially about domestic violence. You have to pay attention to the first signs and know how to read them“, explains.

Rewinding the tape, there is also space to remember the worst moment of her career: “Looking back on it today it becomes even uglier. I, who am Christian, Catholic, believer, have always educated my children in dialogue and freedom. In 1996 two friends asked me to officiate their gay wedding in the municipality of Milan. It was one of the first. I accepted with great pleasure, but I was attacked by newspapers and weeklies. My life changed there, I simply replied that if any of my children wanted to be happy, I could never go against their serenity.”