“Maria worries me”: Maurizio Costanzo’s best friend speaks

Maria De Filippi worries Maurizio Costanzo’s best friend. Behind her strength lies something that alarms those close to her.

The world of television and all the Italian people cry the death of Maurizio Costanzo, showing closeness to Maria De Filippi is the minimum. The presenter is facing a new phase in her life, she has become a widow. The point is that becoming one of such a loved, well-liked, and important character for the entire community is not something that is easily faced and experienced. So there are those who know her privately, and she has noticed something that is really worrying. Fans are on the alert, the declaration leaves with a bad taste in the mouth.

Maria De Filippi is a source of concern, my friend is sounding the alarm – (Credits: @AnsaFoto) – Sologossip.it

Maria DeFilippi she lost her husband on February 24, following the complications of a routine operation due to diabetes, a disease she had been suffering from for some time. Age, ailments and everything she’s been through have been accomplices to an end that no one wanted to know about, but that sooner or later would come. Make immortal Maurice Costanzo however, it is possible, not for mere earthly existence, but for what he has bequeathed.

Much of what he has given to posterity is not immediately perceived, because many do not know that if some television faces are who they are, it is thanks to him. He shaped television in modern terms, and he always gave it his all. Mary he recognizes this, especially since he has experienced it firsthand. Behind so much gratitude, however, there is a great pain that worries the couple’s close friend. Raise the alarm, such a situation cannot go unnoticed.

Maurizio Costanzo and Maria: background of the dearest friend

The statement in question would tell of the backstory more than unpublished, especially related to last stages of the journalist’s life. The greatest pain would be enclosed in the moment in which Maria DeFilippi stops at the bedside of Maurice Costanzo, he would have shown a new side of himself, almost shocking. Always polite, kind and composed, she too let herself go into tremendous pain. George Assumma he is the couple’s close friend, and he revealed everything in an interview with the weekly New.

It tells of the respectful and daily friendship of an atheist, Mauritius, and of a fervent believer, himself. United by mutual dialogue, he immediately rushed when he learned that his conditions were increasingly serious. In addition to the anecdotes, raises the alarm on the condition of Maria De Filippi, he sees her devastated. She’s hurting inside, and she doesn’t show it. She immerses herself in work, while her pain destroys her soul from within. Here you are Assumma’s wordsthey are devastating.

Maria De Filippi destroyed by the death of Maurizio Costanzo
Maria De Filippi is a source of concern, Giorgio Assumma raises the alarm – (Credits: @AnsaFoto) – Sologossip.it

“The one who worries me is Maria: behind the apparent detachment, she hides a deep emotionality, as I understood when I saw her suffer for the loss of her parents. She can always count on the support of her son Gabriele and on the outlet for work, but she will need a lot of love from us friends to fill, as far as possible, the void that she feels.”

In fact, the concern does not concern inheritance between children and wives, and so on, but precisely the mental health condition of a woman who never stops. Being strong isn’t easy, yes it’s an advantage, but it doesn’t mean that it’s carried forward without sacrifices. Also remember the last moment he heard Maurizio speak. The daughter Camilla she asked him to sing the Ave Maria, he started, but then he told her to keep praying for him, because she couldn’t take it anymore. After a short time, he flew into the sky with loved ones by his side.