Mariah Carey, the Barbie Queen of Christmas version of the singer is already sold out

If it is true that there is no Christmas without toys, it is even more true that there is no Christmas without them Mariah Carey and it is for this reason that Mattel, a true authority when it comes to toys, has decided to give due credit to the pop star by marketing one of the most iconic dolls ever in its catalog for this season.
Mariah Carey x Barbie
the doll with the features of the American singer with the red dress worn in video Of All I Want for Christmas Is Youshe’s gone exhausted in the Mattel online store within a few hours. With more than a month to go until Christmas, the Mattel limited edition is already the most coveted gift among collectors now they look for it everywhere.

“It’s Time!”: the limited edition Mariah Carey x Barbie

Holiday lovers and fans of the Barbie universe have more than one reason to want to add the exclusive Mariah Carey Queen of Christmas doll to their collection.
The name of the American singer has been associated with the Christmas holidays for many years now and it is a fact that her unmistakable voice is one of the most listened to in the last months of the year.
It must not have been difficult for Mattel to transform Mariah Carey into a doll: the Huntington singer-songwriter has no shortage of blonde hairThe dazzling smile it’s a fairytale wardrobe.
Among the many Christmas-inspired looks shown off by the singer over the years, across social media, videos and Christmas television specials – including the 2020 hit Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas SpecialAngel Kentthe senior designer at Mattel who also created the Barbie dolls inspired by the live action Disney de The little Mermaid of 2023, chose to dress her Barbie Mariah in the gorgeous red evening dress worn by the singer in the video clip of All I Want for Christmas Is You (Make My Wish Come True Edition)version of the Christmas classic made in 2019.
The doll is faithful in appearance to the version of Mariah Carey on the screen down to the smallest details, from the fluffy hairstyle, with very long blonde hair combed with soft curls, to the silver jewels, among which stands out an eye-catching butterfly-shaped ringa motif that is considered an important symbol for the singer who wrote the 1997 album Butterflya lover of butterflies to the point of being Chopard’s muse for a collection of themed jewels.
Barbie Mariah Carey does not lack, in her hands, a sparkling microphone, as in the video clip, essential to place the doll in the right context, that is, on a festively decorated stage complete with an accompanying pianist. In the videos that appeared on social media, the doll enjoys singing for her fans, or rather, for those lucky ones who managed to grab her as soon as she was put on the market.

The doll sold out in the States

Since Mattel and Mariah Carey unveiled the limited edition Mariah Carey x Barbieit began doll hunt which, as was logical to expect, he has already seen double its price on online sales and auction sites.
It is difficult to expect a restock of the collector’s item. Mattel, pressured by online users, is diverting requests directly to retailersfrom Amazon to Target and Walmart, for the United States where the doll sold out in a very short time.
An announced success for Mattel and for Mariah Carey who also this year inaugurated the holiday season to the tune of All I Want for Christmas Is You with a funny clip in which he literally “thawed out” from a block of ice to immerse himself in the Christmas spirit in better shape than ever.
The 1994 hit achieved a yet another prestigious recognition on the occasion of Billboard Music Awards 2023an occasion in which Carey gave a rousing performance.
The singer has never denied the transport for the song that made her even more famous throughout the world. For her, who as a child did not have many means to celebrate her Christmas, All I Want for Christmas Is You it really means a lot and has never stopped being grateful to the public which, year after year, allows her to perform on those magical notes capable of making both her and those who listen to them immediately happy. Having a doll that looks like her is a dream come true, Mariah Carey said that she, she never would have imagined, as a child, when she played with Barbies, that she would one day become one of them.