Marina Abramovic, installation with nude models at the Royal Academy in London

Unusual installation in the exhibition of the Royal Academy in London for a retrospective on the career of the Serbian artist Marina Abramović. Visitors must squeeze between two naked models to enter the exhibition area, but there is a separate entrance for those who feel uncomfortable being among artists with nothing on. Meanwhile, the exhibition has received mixed reviews from critics: the Guardian called it “vital” but the Times called it “ruthless”. Entering between the two naked artists forces ticket holders into a “confrontation between nudity and gender, sexuality, desire”, said the Royal Academy’s head of exhibitions, Andrea Tarsia. The unusual piece was first staged in 1977 by Abramović and his then German partner, Ulay. The two stood close together in the doorway, forcing visitors to pass between them.

First woman to have a solo exhibition at the Royal Academy

Telegraph critic Alastair Sooke said he was “too worried about not stepping on toes” to be able to detect whether there was a shiver while viewing the new installation in London. Marina Abramović is the first woman to have a personal retrospective in the main space of the Royal Academy. The exhibition retraces half a century of the artist’s career.