Marina Di Guardo, Chiara Ferragni’s mother scolds her and Fedez

Not even Marina Di Guardo spares a reproach to Chiara Ferragni and Fedez for the much discussed post of these days.

As happens to all the most prominent characters in the media, also for the Ferragnez they are constantly observed and subjected to judgments and criticisms by their audience. With over 27 million followers her and more than 14 million him, it is natural that any gesture or action of theirs is put under the magnifying glass and unleash approval or disapproval.

Marina Di Guardo social controversy (Credits: RaiPlay)

Despite being much loved, Chiara and Fedez in fact have not been immune from controversy in recent years and the most recent dates back to a few days ago. The famous couple, who at the moment are on holiday in ad Ibizahas published a video and some very special photos in which she can be seen climbing on a rock several meters above the sea.

The aim was to capture a wonderful sunset of those that only the Spanish island can offer and, in fact, these are really exciting images from which it is impossible not to be struck. However, there were those who did not tolerate too much Ferragnez nochalance in venturing into such a risky undertaking. Also in the light of recent news events: we remember that in these days a boy died on the Asiago plateau after flying down from the Altar Knotto spur to try to retrieve the mobile phone dropped by his girlfriend, while she was taking selfies.

Surprisingly, Chiara’s mother also intervened, Marina Di Guardowho with a comment on the post expressed his disapproval of the behavior of his daughter and son-in-law.

Maria Di Guardo comments on Chiara and Fedez: “I did not approve”

Having also become a very popular face on the web just like her daughters, Marina is very followed on social media and in recent weeks she is making herself noticed with incredible shots that portray her during her holidays. Although in a splendid shape to seem almost a sister of Chiara, Francesca and Valentina, Mrs. Di Guardo does not put aside the wisdom of her mother.

Precisely for this reason, she did not hesitate to have her say on what the eldest daughter and the rapper posted. To comment on the reckless video was first Francesca who jokingly wrote: “If my mom sees it…”. Evidently these words were prophetic because Marina intervened, in fact, expressing her disagreement clear and round: “Exactly! I saw it and did not approve. Too much hope… Without suitable shoes and via ferrata cable. Dangerous and risky passage ”. However, it should be noted that Leone and Vittoria’s parents were not alone in this ‘undertaking’, but accompanied by a guide.

Marina Di Guardo Chiara and Fedez
Marina Di Guardo reproach comment (Credits: Instagram)

For now, those directly concerned have not tried to defend themselves, but do you think they really exaggerated this time or would you be less categorical about it?