Marine Le Pen: “Salvini and Meloni must join forces with us in Europe”

Giorgia Meloni and Matteo Salvini must join forces to “work together in Europe”, where the sovereign forces are working for a new group. Marine Le Pen, leader of the French far-right party Rassemblement National, is convinced of this and, interviewed by Corriere della Sera, says: “I have known Giorgia Meloni for a long time, since she did not yet have the dimension she has taken today. So, I understand well that it can be in a form of competition, with Matteo. But we must come together, be the vanguard of the European re-foundation. I know it’s like this for Matteo, I don’t know if it’s still like that for Giorgia, but everyone must agree to work together in Europe “.

“Putting aside rivalries at the European level”

On the subject of the alliance between Salvini and Meloni, he adds: “It can be complicated, especially in Italy, we are together then we are no longer together, but at the European level these rivalries need to be put aside”. Le Pen comments on the different positions in Italy of the two parties. Draghi’s “is a government where there are almost everyone, except Giorgia Meloni. However, Matteo Salvini has already explained many times that his political vision has not adapted to that of Draghi, he simply supports the government for the good of the country. and who am I to judge Italian domestic politics? What I know is that I have known Matteo Salvini for some time and I have great faith in him. He is an honest and loyal man with sincere convictions “.

“Immediately a referendum on immigration”

Le Pen also deals with issues related to French internal politics and says he wants “a referendum on immigration immediately, with an amendment to the Constitution to guarantee the primacy of French law over international law. We must stop illegal immigration and also legal immigration, I will not be brutal or reckless, but stop “.” Second priority, purchasing power: the French are overwhelmed by compulsory expenses, bills and a full tank of petrol and I will lower VAT on energy from 20% to 5.5% “.” Third dossier – he continues – changing Europe. Many countries not aligned with the dogmas of Brussels expect a strong project from France, in defense of freedom ‘, because it is part of our history. I will go to Brussels to restore the sovereignty of the nations “.