Mario Balotelli and the message to Milan: “If we need a deputy Giroud…”

“For the scudetto, Inter ahead of Milan and Juve”

Mario Balotelli sends a message to Milan: “If needed, I’m here”, says the 33-year-old striker, who has returned to play in Turkey at Adana. “I like Pioli. The problem with Milan today is that if Leao isn’t well, Milan does little. Milan is very Leao-dependent. Does Milan need a deputy-Giroud? I’m here”, he says laughing. “San Siro is not a stadium like the others. Not everyone can handle the pressures of that stadium, it’s not for all players. In addition to buying strong players, the management must hire players with lots and lots of personality”, adds the former Inter and Milan player in an interview on the microphone of in the Vox To Box broadcast.

“What do I think of Mancini? He was like a father during his time at Inter and City -continues ‘Super Mario’-. He made a mistake in the last call-up against North Macedonia when he didn’t call me. I gave up certain things to play in competitive leagues, and I suffered those things. But I owe a lot to him for my career. I understand that when he enters the national team, as a coach, you can’t get everything you would like.”

Balotelli votes for Inter for the scudetto. “Inter can win the Scudetto this year. I see them ahead of Juventus and Milan at the moment. The way they are playing today, Inter are certainly better. Qualitatively and numerically they are a strong team. Marko Arnautovic is very strong, he is a good signing for Inter. I wish him to return as soon as possible, to score goals, to be a joker for the team. It is not easy to replace Dzeko. He is a phenomenon. I played with him, it’s a real phenomenon. Dzeko made the final instead of Lukaku.”

Would Balotelli go to Saudi Arabia? “Twenty-year-olds aren’t going there. If a player says he’s going there for the championship he’s a liar. Then if I get a good offer, then I’ll go. But I’m not saying I’m going for the championship. Only a few players, those purchased, they are strong. The rest of the players are not up to the level of the new signings. If the project works, then I will be the first to go to Saudi.”