Mario Draghi: “I’m an ex, I’m no longer part of the play of the powerful”

The former Prime Minister attended the presentation of the book by the Corriere della Sera cartoonist Emilio Giannelli. To the questions of the editorialist from via Solferino Ferruccio de Bortoli, the former prime minister replied: “The powerful, Italian or foreign, are all the same, I no longer feel I belong to them”

Question and answer between the journalist Ferruccio De Bortoli and the ex prime minister Mario Draghi on the occasion of the presentation of the book by Emilio Giannelli with Paolo Conti ‘Un’Italia da Vignetta’ at the Corriere della Sera Foundation in Milan. From Giannelli, who underlines De Bortoli “doesn’t give anyone discounts”, Draghi expects “no discount”. “Ferruccio – said Draghi calling the journalist by name – I’m an ex now, so I have nothing to ask”.

“I am no longer part of the play of the mighty”

Draghi admitted that for a long time he was part of the “power and the powerful”. Not anymore – he clarified – that’s why I don’t have much difficulty detaching myself from the situation I’m in and looking at myself from the outside”.

Draghi’s reflection on Giannelli’s caricatures

The cartoonist of the newspaper in via Solferino, according to the former prime minister, “divides the world into two categories: the powerful and the ordinary. And Giannelli with his characteristics unmasks the play of power “with a tone” that overall is light-hearted, it is not a tone that contains a judgment or a condemnation, it is the tone of normal people who look with amazement at the incredible things that all happen the days “. Draghi concluded by noting that “in place of Italian politicians there could very well be politicians from other countries. In essence they are the same. In my opinion, one of Giannelli’s messages is this: the powerful are all the same”.