Mario Giordano to Fedez: “You attack me on physical defects”

The conductor of Fuori dal coro to the rapper: “We don’t take lessons from you”

“Fedez, civil rights defender, attacks me for physical defects”. Mario Giordano, opening the episode of Fuori dal coro, dedicates “two little words” to Fedez after the social question and answer with the rapper. “The other day Fedez attacked us, accusing us of something that doesn’t exist. We don’t investigate his sexual tendencies, we never thought about it. We deal with the problems of Italians, dear Fedez. I’m sorry if this disappoints your vanity, we will not have services on her: I’m sorry,” says Giordano.

“Two little words though, dear Fedez, I have to tell you. He was the protagonist for a week on the Sanremo stage, he made people talk about him and after a week of silence a video dedicated to me appeared. The video wasn’t exactly elegant, it didn’t he really had kind words”, says Giordano referring to the videos with which the artist made fun of the journalist’s voice and attributes. “Dear Fedez, I wanted to reassure you. My voice is a physical defect of mine, which has also made me suffer for a long time in my life. It amazes me that you, a champion of civil rights, attach to the physical defects of others. You don’t attach people on physical defects… He recently laughed about the case of Emanuela Orlandi, a story that still makes the family suffer”, he continues.

“I understand that you are looking for visibility, but we don’t want to deal with you. We don’t take lessons from you. The correspondents of Fuori dal coro don’t come to investigate you: they go around and take risks when they talk about the degraded suburbs or when they talk about the assets confiscated from the mafia”.