Mariotto: “Gattinoni paraded the Peace dress, now the situation is scary”

In 2001 at the Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia ‘the embrace’ between Miss Israel Moran Atias and a Palestinian boy

“What scares me about the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians is the hatred that has been unleashed among young people, atavistic hatred, almost a hereditary ‘disease’ that has been transmitted over the years. Terrible, incomprehensible. The Holy Scriptures remind us of this, it is the eternal struggle between good. At the moment there are no losers and winners. The only hope is that soon the representatives of the two peoples will be able to sit at a table. But at the moment I see peace as very far away.” Guillerno Mariotto, historic stylist of the Gattinoni fashion house, face of the jury of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ speaks to Adnkronos about the conflict that is bloodied in the Middle East.

“Lands that I love and have frequented, Israel, Palestine, I have many clients and some historic fashion shows were inspired by that inexhaustible desire for peace, tolerance, brotherhood – added Mariotto – In 2001 Miss Israel Moran Atias paraded alongside a Palestinian model. In the grand finale, after having created a wedding dress perforated by symbolic machine gun shots, they embraced. A cathartic gesture, but not a decisive one in an ongoing conflict that seems to know no tomorrow, perhaps only a faint hope – concluded Mariotto – But I am increasingly convinced that if beauty will save the world, it will have to be convinced Jews and Palestinians who end a painful and heartbreaking game on their territories”.

In 2008, the Gattinoni fashion house paraded, to much applause, for peace (‘peace is in fashion’) with the haute couture collection, on 29 April 2008, in the Roman residence of the Israeli ambassador Gideon Meir with the dress homage to the three great monotheistic religions (Judaism, Islam and Christianity).