Marisa Laurito “naked in the flag”: the promise for the Scudetto of Napoli

The promise of the actress for the triumph announced in the championship

In the case of Napoli winning the Scudetto, “I can’t undress because the time has passed, maybe 20 years ago I could still have done it. And I can’t even dye my hair blue because I already have it that way. I’ll do this: I’ll wrap myself in the flag and be naked underneath, that I can promise.” Marisa Laurito freewheeling at ‘A Day as a Sheep’. Today’s guest of the Rai Radio1 broadcast conducted by Giorgio Lauro and Geppi Cucciari, the popular Neapolitan actress told her story in a long interview, with a promise in the event of a Scudetto against Napoli. The tricolor is now sewn on the shirts of the team coached by Luciano Spalletti, first in the standings with an enormous advantage over their pursuers.

How much truth is there in your alleged relationships with Renzo Arbore and Luciano De Crescenzo? “I could never have had a relationship with them: we laughed from morning to night and sexuality doesn’t get along with laughter,” says the actress. Let’s talk about politics: are you happy that there is a woman in the presidency of the Council? “I am very happy that there is a woman in government, although I wished she was another woman.”

How do you see this period of Meloni government? “I don’t know, I don’t see them very well, but Meloni is a capable, prepared woman, but we have different ideas”. She said she was the daughter of communist workers. “Exactly, but then I also approached the centre-left”. Even at the Democratic Party? “The Democratic Party, however, is now something very far from our memories”. Do you like Elly Schlein? “Yes, it seems I like it. But in this period I’m far from politics, the important thing is that it is done and done well”.