Marital status and registry certificates are requested from the post office in small municipalities: decree ready

The request can be made in municipalities with up to 15,000 inhabitants with Cie and Spid

THE registry and civil status certificates in small municipalities can be requested at post office counters. The decree signed by the ministers of the Interior Matteo Piantedosi and of the Public Administration Paolo Zangrillo and by the undersecretary of the PCM with responsibility for technological innovation, Alessio Butti, has in fact been published. The Department for Digital Transformation (DTD) explains that the decree regulates the technical methods of the service and starts the experimentation by Poste Italiane. The registry and civil status certificates, made available by Anpr – the database owned by the Ministry of the Interior – pthey can be requested directly at post office counters in municipalities with up to 15,000 inhabitants.

The DTD also highlights that it comes this way further strengthening of a service already launched in recent months, with the installation of special ‘Totems’ in some post offices in the country, automatic stations from which citizens, using their Electronic Identity Card or SPID, can independently download their personal details and civil status certificates. This important innovation, which in small towns allows the Public Administration to be closer to the needs of the community, is made possible thanks to the fruitful collaboration started with Poste Italiane as part of the ‘Polis – Digital Citizenship Services Houses’ project, a financed intervention with Pnrr resources, adds the DTD in a note.

“Thanks to the collaboration between the Government and the Italian Post Office, we bring registry services directly to post offices, making them more accessible for citizens. This is a clear example of how technology can be used to simplify citizens’ lives, especially in less urbanized areas , thus contributing to reducing the digital divide” commented Undersecretary Alessio Butti.